"" JAMIE SAYS DREAM: Action plan - declutter and organize 2012

Action plan - declutter and organize 2012

Illustration by Ann Shen


Declutter = go through the stuff and throw away or put in give-away-box/sell-box/put-in-place-later box.

Part one – Jump start

Declutter: go through all the rooms in a first, rough sweep, to get some more space and to save me the work of moving things around and around, when I’m going to get rid of it anyway.

Organize: put crafting material in designated drawer unit and old suitcases (they are empty and waiting)

Make/remake: paint the dresser for my dressing area white (I started this today)

Part two – Drowning in papers

Declutter: throw away all old “important papers” and old notes that I don’t need anymore, and organize the rest in boxes with hanging maps. I have one box, but I need at least one more, preferably two.
  • Bills and other papers that are connected to a certain year. When the year is over I can take out all the papers and put them in an archive paper box, marked with year. 
  • Important papers like apartment contract,  receipts, manuals, work samples and so on, that is not connected to a certain year. 
  • Tear outs from magazines in different categories 
Buy: on or two more hanging file box from Granit

Organizing: put the remaining papers in the boxes, in the right hanging files

Hanging file box from Granit

Part 3 - Wardrobes and dressing area

Declutter: Go through my and my son’s wardrobe

Make/remake: spraypaint some tins and bowls and other stuff, to hold my jewelry and other little things on the dresser.

Organize: remove two little shelves from my dressing area and put a mirror on the wall instead. Put underwear in the dresser, which is now hopefully painted white. Organize jewelry, nailpolish and perfume on the dresser (and maybe in the top drawer).

Part four – New mail & paper area

Declutter: clear the former computer space in the hallway.

Organize: put the boxes with hanging files on the shelves (that I organized in part two), some kind of storage to hold incoming mail, and put office supplies like hole puncher and stapler in place.

Cosy up: Remove the magazine holder from the wall, and put up a calendar and pictures instead.

Part five – My son’s room

Declutter; make my son go through all his computer games, cd:s and other stuff to see what he wants to keep.

(Make/remake: ry to make my landlord paint the walls.)

Organize: decide a given place for all the stuff in the room, and put it there. Drill up hooks and shelves on the wall

Buy: Let my son decide if he wants to shop a few little things for his room

Part six – Creative corner 1

Declutter: put away the things that don’t belong in the creative corner.

Organize: in this step fast and simple, so I can use this space. I will do it more tho in part thirteen.

Cosy up: put up plants and prints (no nails at this stage, just washi tape)

Part seven - Kitchen

Declutter: go through the big wooden cupboard, the shelf , the kitchen cart and the kitchen cupboard.

Organize: Ask the landlord for help to put up the kitchen cabinet doors again (they were spray painted last summer (!) but not put back in place. I know, how could I live with this for so long?) Drill new holes for the curtain rod holders (they fell down, stupid walls!) and drill up little shelves above the kitchen cart.

Cosy up: put up pictures, put plants and other decorations in place.

Make/remake: make hanging planters to put in the kitchen window

Part Eight – Storage closet

Declutter: remove everything (it's a lot!) and go through it.  Remove the clothes rack on wheels and put it in my son's room.

Organize:  put back clothes that I use on hangers on the permanent rods, put up the Skubb hanging shelves from Ikea, sort through things that are not used often, like Christmas decorations and other “another-season-stuff" and organize in boxes. Put hooks on the wall to hang the big plastic bags I bought to put things in. Mark the boxes and bags, to make it easy to find things. Put one of the laundry basket in there too.

Part nine – Sofa area

Declutter and clean

Organize: Frame prints and put them on the wall, put lamps in place.

Buy: a new sofa cover

Make/remake: Do some of your planned DIY and put it in the sofa area

Part ten – Flower table

Declutter the area if needed and clean and put the little table in place.

Orgnaize: Put the plants in pots (go through what you have, maybe paint) and put them in place. Remove the big painting (goes in the kitchen instead) and put up smaller prints and postcards instead.

Buy: maybe a couple of new plants

Part eleven – Bed area

Declutter: remove everything around the bed, and plan what you want to put back.

Make/remake: paint the shelf that serves as headboard

Organize:put things you need and a few pretty things on the painted shelf. Put a better reading lamp in place (the blue?)

Put up the leaf hangers on the wall beside the bed, to put clothes on when I go to bed.

Part twelwe – Hallway bookshelves

Declutter: remove everything from the shelves. Clean the bookshelves, and behind it. Vaccum the books and put them back

Organize and cosy up: Put up a mirror on the wall above the low bookshelf. Decorate the shelf top with flowers and the little basket for the keys. Put up a hook for a shoehorn and maybe one to put the bag on when I come home. (Hooks for jackets, other bags, scarfs and so on in another part of the hallway) Put things for hair in a basket in the shelf (hairdryer, curler, spray, brushes)

Part thirteen – Creative Corner II

Declutter: put away the things that don’t belong in the creative corner.

Make/remake: Paint the table

Organize and cosy up: plan a given place for things you want to use in the creative corner and put the things in place. Put up prints and a pinboard


Paint the wooden cupboard in the kitchen

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