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2 september 2012

Reflections on photograpy - great book

Nina Korhonen: Systrar (Sisters), Finland 1989 
Last week I found a wonderful book with very interesting photos in a charity shop. The photos are shot by different photographers, but are all accompanied by reflexions by the Swedish poet Marie Lundquist. The texts helps me to stay with the photo, lets me take part of Marie Lundquist's thoughts and associations, but also gives me inspiration to look more closely at the images. Drömmen om verkligheten is the title of this great book (english: the dream about the reality). I have seen photos of some of the photographers before, but I will certainly look for more images from the ones that are unknown to me.

I photographed just a few pages from the book. Hope you like the photos too, even though the quality is not the best when depicted in this way...

Nina Korhonen: Systrar (Sisters), Finland 1989

Robert Nettarp: Crochet & Lace top G.U.M. Paris, 2000

Portrait by Seydou Keita, Mali 1950s

Portrait by Seydou Keita, Mali 1950s
Josef  Koudelka: Tjeckoslovakien (Czechoslovakia ) 1968

Robert Doisneau: Saint-Sauvant, Poitou, Frankrike (France) 1951

You can find these and other great photos with reflexions by Marie Lundquist in Drömmen om verkligheten.

Autumn has arrived here in Sweden, and the fitness clubs are trying to get our attention. The Climbing Wall in my Daily dose of quirkiness has managed to get a lot of attention, and no wonder! If you visit Tokyo you can try it at Illoiha Omotesando fitness club.

Climbing Wall by Nendo, Illoiha Omotesando Fitness Club, Tokyo
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this book has amazing photographs. what a great find!
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