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10 september 2012

Foxes - everywhere

Photo: Jamie says dream

It's a good thing that I like foxes, because they are everywhere :-) Above a thrifted embroidered fox from my home, below some foxy goodies from blogs and Etsy.

Sleepy fox vintage brass locket, Emma gem shop on Etsy

...cut out  the fox, sew and stuff to make a cusion :-)

2013 Calendar Little Foxes, Gingiber on Etsy

Fox peering around wall vinyl decal, Wilson Graphics on Etsy

And for my Daily dose of quirkiness - a tree climbing fox with friends! I wonder what made them climb up the trees? They look good up there anyway :-)

Bear, Deer, Fox, Trees illustration Print, Chasing the crayon on Etsy

2 kommentarer:

Patricia Villamil sa...

I love foxes, they are so clever and I always remember that first encounter I had with a fox in the Little Prince when I was kid. This is a wonderful post, loved all the fox trinkets you found on Etsy. Great inspiration!

leah of sang the bird sa...

hi Maria, the foxes are sweet. yes, i have noticed they seem to be everywhere at the moment. i LOVE your daily dose of quirkiness!
hope you are well xx