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10 augusti 2012

What a difference a lamp makes

Ana Kraš works on different personal and commissioned projects, and one of the projects is the bonbon handmade lamps. Not only do I like the beautiful lamps, but I also like the styling - the lamps are shot by Ana Kraš herself in what looks as "real" homes. Take a look at Ana Kraš website, there's more goodies to see - objects, photos, projects.

For a loooong time I have wanted to make a lamp for my living room, and this gives me new inspiration.

bonbons II
bonbons I
bonbons I
bonbons II
bonbons II

In my Daily dose of quirkiness I would like to say congratulations to the blogger and yarn lover Howie/WooWork, who has suffered most of his life from hyposmia =  a reduced sense of smell. For unknow reasons his ability to sense smell has come back. He celebrated by crocheting a nose :-)

4 kommentarer:

Creative Living + Wabi Sabi Style sa...

Riktig lampnostalgi Härligt!

Hanna sa...

Sk*tsnygga lampor! Det är bara att sätta igång och göra en själv, kan inte vara så svårt ;0) Lite Ernst-känsla på dem, han brukar ju snöra ihop liknande saker. Nästan så jag måste ut och leta lampskelett bums för att testa.

Ha en fin helg!

Kram Hanna

Mariana sa...

Hello, Maria,
very interesting lamps. I'm curious about your future own lamp ;-).
And the crocheted nose is great!
Have a nice weekend.

leah of sang the bird sa...

I love these lamps, the stying is so beautiful and real. Such a sense of personality in each space.
Your 'daily dose' is as awesome as always xxx