"" JAMIE SAYS DREAM: Pinterest Tuesday No 3

7 augusti 2012

Pinterest Tuesday No 3

I'm looking forward to autumn and I have had my eye on brown and blue - a great combo for this autumn I think. This is some of my latest pins on Pinterest.

Design Sponge Sneak Peek: Ariele Alasko's Studio

Design Sponge Sneak Peek: Ariele Alasko's Studio

Design Sponge Sneak Peek: Ariele Alasko's Studio

Vosgesparis: Folklore {Independent London store}

Inside Out sept/oct 2012 styling Vanessa Colyer Tay, Photo Lisa Cohen

Los Angeles architect Ray Kappe's multilevel house, built in 1967. Photo: João Canziani.

New House Doctor Collection for Fall/Winter 2012

Freebies: Colour Vintage Mountain Tags | Fellow Fellow

Which Woody do you prefer? Allen or Toy Story? In my Daily dose of quirkiness the two has become one :-)
 Illustration by I love doodle 

4 kommentarer:

LissenTo sa...

Fastnar för alla olika sort lampor, den där nötta skrivbordlampan från Design Sponge, skulle passa hos mej.

Hanna sa...

Underbara inspirationsbilder. Gillar skrivbordet på första bilden, har själv haft funderingar på att göra ett bord av ett gammalt symaskins-underrede. Gillar alla lamporna med. Industrikänsla på dem, snyggt! Sedan tycker jag att Woody ska vara Woody och inte Allen ;0)


noreen sa...

hello maria! i am getting very busy with school, but happy to stop by and see you. i love your brown/blue scheme, esp. the one with the bed. the light is lovely! your woody is cute!

leah of sang the bird sa...

Great fingd! House Doctor always get it right!!
Brown and blue looks lovely together. Much love xxx