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21 augusti 2012

Pinterest Tuesday no 4

Marimekko autumn 2012, photo Kaapo Kamu. via Mackapär

Tuesday and time to choose some pins from my boards at Pinterest again. I chose to pick golden/copper colours today. Why? Because I can hardly wait for autumn, I love autumn! Especially after a couple of days with tropical heat in the south of Sweden - very humid and not at all nice - I long for fresh air, colourful leaves and the yellow kind light in September and October.

Stunning project by design student Sharon Sides.
Via Wabi Sabi, read more after the click!

Photo: Joost van Brug for Ontwerpduo
Photo: Noreen/Beauty of Everyday Life

And in my Daily dose of quirkiness, pretty copper locks on this horse. One of several horses in a project that  Julian Wolkenstein did for fun. :-)

Photo: Julian Wolkenstein

18 augusti 2012

Pink little surprise

These small flowers suddenly popped up on my cactus - a nice bright pink little surprise.

I'm having a reeaaaally lazy day today, so that's all I'm posting. Hopefully I will be able to show you some progress with my Action plan for organizing & decluttering tomorrow.... I say hopefully :-)

10 augusti 2012

What a difference a lamp makes

Ana Kraš works on different personal and commissioned projects, and one of the projects is the bonbon handmade lamps. Not only do I like the beautiful lamps, but I also like the styling - the lamps are shot by Ana Kraš herself in what looks as "real" homes. Take a look at Ana Kraš website, there's more goodies to see - objects, photos, projects.

For a loooong time I have wanted to make a lamp for my living room, and this gives me new inspiration.

bonbons II
bonbons I
bonbons I
bonbons II
bonbons II

In my Daily dose of quirkiness I would like to say congratulations to the blogger and yarn lover Howie/WooWork, who has suffered most of his life from hyposmia =  a reduced sense of smell. For unknow reasons his ability to sense smell has come back. He celebrated by crocheting a nose :-)

6 augusti 2012

New E-mag: Sign

I found a new e-magazine today - Sign - a collabaration between the norwegian bloggers Moa and Holmberg. For me it's more beautiful photography than interior inspiration. I would like to have it in printed form on my coffee table :-)

In my Daily dose of quirkiness, cool graffitti photographed by blogger Garance Doré - Marilyn meets Elvis! 

(Something strange is happening with the placing of the images, and the text does this - jumps to a new row before it should...I can't fix it right now....)

5 augusti 2012

Summer Slow

Make it Happen Art Print from Wicked Paper on Etsy

Hi there! It's been a few weeks since my last post, but I think I will be back now. I've just been summer slow (summer is not my best time) and not in the mood for blogs and Pinterest and things like that. But now I've started to think about autumn, and I can feel the inspiration slowly coming back. I will also have some days off during autumn, I have saved some vacation for my favourite time of year :-)

I haven't been busy as a bee since last, but I can cross off some things on my Action plan to declutter and organize. For instance, yesterday I finally finished painting my dresser for my new little dressing area. Now I just need to put up the mirror (drilling is needed) and organize my stuff...

I will tell you more about what I've been up to next week. And right now I am determined to make things happen this autumn!

little textile that will become a cushion for my sofa and photo proof that I have been painting :-) 

In my Daily dose of quirkiness a grizzly paw coaster! Babongo has a selection of different paws that makes it  it more fun to avoid stains on furniture :-)