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1 juli 2012

Easy DIY necklace

Watercolour/hobby colour, big wooden beads and a leather string. In colours I like. The watercolour doesn't cover everything, it gives kind of a batik effect on the wooden beads. 

And this is me - my face is not often seen on the blog. Reflection in my bathroom mirror (which has toothpaste spatter on it, everyday life reality!)

Some stamps to play with in my Daily dose of quirkiness. Makes your magazines or photos more fun :-)

Make me droll. Clown hand carved rubber stamps set of 5 from Etsy-shop MemiTheRainbow

7 kommentarer:

Hanna sa...

Nämen hej på dej du ;0) Kul att se en större bild på dig än den lilla i profilen.

Gillar halsbandet, precis en sådan där pysselgrej jag skulle kunna tänka mig att göra. Det är ju extra kul att använda det också, känna att man har tillverkat det själv.

Ha en bra start på veckan, med förhoppningsvis fint väder :0)

Kram Hanna

leah of sang the bird sa...

I love the effect of the water colour paint on the wooden beads. So lovely!
And it is so lovely to see you. Hello Maria. I hope this week will be wonderful for you xx

noreen sa...

hello maria, smile! i like that you shared your picture, but you don't look very happy. the beads remind me of my students (they would love them), and the quirky cactuses are cool - just don't step on them by accident!

mauishopgirl sa...

Diy and a sense of humor. You made smile today! Btw, my mirror always has toothpaste on it too.

LissenTo sa...

Men så fin du är och kul att se dej : Hej!

Vattenfärger ger så fin mjukt laserad yta. Kul med stämplarna också, verkligen.

Kram och sov gott

Patricia Villamil sa...

Hey Maria! good to see you, you look lovely, by the way. So here's the deal, I saw a very similar wooden bead necklace and I think I might try to do it myself. And it requires paint on the beads, except she painted only half in degrading shades of the same color. Pretty cool, I will show you once I finish it.

Anairam sa...

Love that necklace! The wooden beads appeal to me, and the fact that you can paint them in your favourite colours. Also, you can paint a lot of beads in different colours, and then just slide on the ones you want to wear with a particular outfit ...