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3 juni 2012

planting seeds and an action plan

I decided to try to plant some seeds today, from lemon and avocado. I used one avocado seed that had dried for a week and one straight from the fruit. I've heard from someone that you should put the seed in water for a week, from someone else that you should dry it for a week or two and also that you could put it in soil at once. I'm trying alternative two and three to see which one works the best.

I also gave my cacti some new soil, I bought an orchid and I planted a little rooted cutting from a plant that is called ampellilja in Swedish (no idea what it's called in English).

You could say this was part of decluttering and organizing I think :-)

Actually, it's time to let you see the action plan that I mentioned the other day. It's a rough sketch and I will have to rework it a little along the way, divide some of the parts in to smaller chunks (to avoid being overwhelmed) and maybe put in something I forgot.

Action plan for decluttering and organizing 2012

(Declutter = go through the stuff and throw away or put in give-away-box/sell-box/put-in-place-later box.)

  Part one – Jump start

Declutter: go through all the rooms in a first, rough sweep, to get some more space and to save me the work of moving things around and around, when I’m going to get rid of it anyway.

Organize: put crafting material in designated drawer unit and old suitcases (they are empty and waiting)

Make/remake: paint the dresser for my dressing area white (I started this today.  Just one drawer, but better than nothing, right?)

Part two – Drowning in papers

Declutter: throw away all old “important papers” and old notes that I don’t need anymore, and organize the rest in boxes with hanging maps. I have one box, but I need at least one more, preferably two.
  • Bills and other papers that are connected to a certain year. When the year is over I can take out all the papers and put them in an archive paper box, marked with year. 
  • Important papers like apartment contract,  receipts, manuals, work samples and so on, that is not connected to a certain year. 
  • Tear outs from magazines in different categories

Buy: on or two more hanging file boxes from Granit

Organizing: put the remaining papers in the boxes, in the right hanging files

Hanging file box from Granit
You can click the link below to see the rest of the action plan if you are interested. I'm posting it to make myself DO it. And I hope I will be able to post about some progress...not big steps, but small will get me there too I hope.

The rest of the action plan

In my Daily dose of quirkiness a more unusual way to plant flowers - in a vintage car :-) This is an installation by the italian artist Manuel Felisi.

Manuel Felisi via Honestly WTF

4 kommentarer:

noreen sa...

hello maria, looks like a good plan. you've started by now, i bet. i look forward to hearing about your success. smile!

Anairam sa...

Snap! A few weeks ago I put two avocado pips in a pot - I am waiting to see if something will happen. (Let me know how yours are doing). SO far nothing has happened with mine. I am notorious for NOT being able to grow things - every herb or plant that I have tried to grow in the garden has failed miserably - probably because after I've planted them, I kind of forget about them. But the avocado pips are right next to my sink in the kitchen - so I do remember to water them now and then. I had some success last year by balancing a sweet potato in a glass so that the bottom just touches the water - after a couple of weeks it sprouted and a stem with leaves emerged - it started trailing down the edge of the water glass and after a few more weeks I planted it outside in a big pot and it actually survived for quite a few months - looking very pretty and green.
PS I am VERY impressed with your decluttering/reorganization plan. I especially liked the part about vacuuming the books! I have 8 (some quite large) bookcases filled with hundreds and hundreds of book, and they tend to get very dusty. I was sitting just the other evening looking at one of these bookcases and getting depressed because just the THOUGHT of having to take them all out and dusting each and every one - ugh, too dreadful to contemplate!

Creative Living + Wabi Sabi Style sa...

Lycka till med ditt röj och städ projekt. Själv har jag hållit på alldeles för länge (det är det där med att slänga/ge bort som tar tid ;-) Inget hände förrän jag gav mig på bokhyllornas innehål... Men efter flera bokbål (rapporter) tycker jag att jag börjar se ljuset... Puh!

Hanna sa...

Oj, vad duktig du är som har gjort upp en plan. Nu gäller det bara att sätta den i handling. Du verkar ha kommit fram till bra lösningar. Som sagt, ha bilden från det senaste inlägget i tanken, att du sitter där i din rensade och ordnade lägenhet.

Själv har jag gjort om bloggen en aning. Tyckte att det behövdes lite update. Är inte riktigt klar ännu, men den känns lite fräschare.

Har även färgat om min sommarjacka i dag, det gick finemang. Min jacka är svart, fast började bli mer och mer grådassig efter alla tvättar. Nu är den svart igen! Ett billigt sätt att få en ny jacka av en gammal, som det inte är något större fel på.

Fortsätter jaga lägenhet till brorsan, men det är som att springa i motvind...

Ha det gott!

Kram Hanna