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24 juni 2012

Can I use this polaroid camera?

I bought this old polaroid camera - Polaroid Swinger model 20 from the 1960s - very cheap at an online auction today. Beacause I couldn't resist it :-)

I've red that the film for this camera went out of production a long time ago, but does anyone know if I can use any film that can be bought now for this model? Can I use it, or will it just sit on a shelf and look cool?

I found this old commercial for the Polaroid Swinger too. A cool girl on the beach with her camera :-)


In my Daily dose of quirkiness a couple of birds are getting really friendly with actor Alain Delon, who is at Piazza San Marco in Venice with his camera. This is a photo from 1962 by Jack Garofalo , and it can be bought from Galerie Paris Match. 

2 kommentarer:

leah of sang the bird sa...

maria, you should be able to buy film through 'the impossible project'. it's a beauty xx

Hanna sa...

Vilken underbar kamera, nu blir jag avundsjuk. Hoppas du hittar film också, för det är en helt annan känsla att fota med en sådan kamera :0)