"" JAMIE SAYS DREAM: juni 2012

29 juni 2012

Friday evening in my kitchen

 Apparently Martin Creed likes to collect cactuses and arrange them by hight. That, I think, qualifies him for my Daily dose of quirkiness :-)
Martin Creed’s Work No.587: Different Kinds Of Cactuses

27 juni 2012

Smell the roses and doodle on porcelain

I tested to "doodle" on a bowl and a couple of side plates with a porcelain pen this evening. I did it really quick and without planning, just went for it. It looks a little sloppy, but I kind of like that. It was fun anyway!

I want to fill my home with more plants, but it can get expensive if you want to buy a bunch of them. I got some little plants into soil today, and I hope they will grow. If my summer guest, Gustav the cat, doesn't eat them first... :-) I have to hide that little Papyrus plant from him.

By the way, the lemon and avocado seeds I planted in the beginning of June have not shown any sign of growing yet :-(  I will not give up on them, but I'm getting impatient!

At work I stop and smell the roses outside my office every day - they smell heavenly!

The guy in my Daily dose of quirkiness wanted to smell the flowers all day, so he made a beard out of petals :-)

Manuscript april 16, 2012: Blue Beards

24 juni 2012

Can I use this polaroid camera?

I bought this old polaroid camera - Polaroid Swinger model 20 from the 1960s - very cheap at an online auction today. Beacause I couldn't resist it :-)

I've red that the film for this camera went out of production a long time ago, but does anyone know if I can use any film that can be bought now for this model? Can I use it, or will it just sit on a shelf and look cool?

I found this old commercial for the Polaroid Swinger too. A cool girl on the beach with her camera :-)


In my Daily dose of quirkiness a couple of birds are getting really friendly with actor Alain Delon, who is at Piazza San Marco in Venice with his camera. This is a photo from 1962 by Jack Garofalo , and it can be bought from Galerie Paris Match. 

22 juni 2012

Beautiful simplicity at Symbols & Rituals

I found a website full of artist's and creative companie's studios: Where they create. It's packed with studio tours, photographed by Paul Barbera. The very first studio in the left hand menu was Symbols & Rituals, and I just fell in love with it. Beautiful simplicity!

Symbols & Rituals is a design duo that you can read more about on their website and in this article.

Take a look at more studios at the website Where they create or in the book Where they create.

And in my Daily dose of quirkiness I give you this apartment building for birds - for crowded areas in the woods. No, it's actually a sculpture by Cameron Hockenson called Controll Tower.

Controll Tower (2011) by Cameron Hockenson

20 juni 2012

Lonely merry-go-rounds in the park

I wanted to go out in Malmö with my camera yesterday, but I didn't get further than the nearest park - Malmö Folkets Park (the peoples park). It was a slow day in the park, not so many people there. The merry-go round-part of the park was especially empty and lonely.  

In my Daily dose of quirkiness: The Braithwaites mobile tea room in London. I would love some tea and scones this afternoon, please drive up outside my house! :-) Found via Pinterest and Le Tazze di Angliolina

19 juni 2012

Pinterest Tuesday no 1

Cactus in the desert, New Mexico, USA. Photo Franklin Price Knott, National Geographic  /  Cacoons  
Textured  Atlas Duvet Cover + Shams from West Elm

Today I'm introducing Pinterest Tuesday here on Jamie says dream. I was thinking of all the pins I put on my boards on Pinterest or repin from other pinners, and I thought I could share some of them every Tuesday. 

Just some little collages of pins, no theme, nothing fancy... :-)

Vinhais garden pot from Anthropologie / diy beach tent / Green by Femke Pastijn via Lotta Agaton. 

One of the earliest known photographs of a human - a self portrait taken in 1839 by Robert Cornelius. /
A Wallapai Indian girl poses with a basket she weaved. Photographer unknown, National Geographic  pic id 599593 */ Image by Stowe Boyd via Poppytalk

Have you seen a lot of jellyfish lately? Since I was led in their direction via MauiShopGirls blogpost about jellyfish on Etsy (take a look at her picks!), I have seen them a lot. So beautiful!

jelly jelly jelly fishes~ © Yoshimi Teh / Blue button jellyfish, photo by David Liittschwager, National Geographic pic id 1094084  */ Moon jellyfish (Aurelia aurita). Photo: Joel Sartore/National Geographic Stock, picture id 1211171 *

The jellyfish swims in to my Daily dose of quirkiness too. This is actually airplants in little sea urchin shells. masquerading as jellyfish :-) Found via MauiShopGirl

Jellyfish Air Plant from PetitBeast on Etsy

*) For all the photos from National Geographic - the link from my pin will lead you to a page where you can explore their huge archive. Type in the picture id number (it was not possible to link directly to the images).

18 juni 2012

Sandra Juto inspired me

Prints by Sandra Juto
Prints by Sandra Juto

I have seen Sandra Juto's illustrations before, but I haven't noticed her blog. Today I went there, via a link at Kim Welling's blog, and it was so good for me! 

I have been in a lousy mood lately. I've been bored and sad and grasping for something that feels meaningful. I often get this way during summer, becasue I don't like living in a flat during this season. But somehow Sandra Juto's blog gave me inspiration and a desire to explore the city where I live. She is a Swedish blogger, graphic designer, online shop owner, artist, illustrator, photographer and crocheter, living in Berlin. Take a tour on her blog and see if you like it too! On her website you will find links to her shop and more. 

A few photos from Sandra Juto's blog (the links will get you to the blogpost where I found the photos): 

Photo: Sandra Juto

Photo: Sandra Juto

Photo: Sandra Juto

Photo: Sandra Juto

Photo: Sandra Juto
Photo: Sandra Juto

Photo: Sandra Juto

Photo: Sandra Juto

Photo: Sandra Juto

Photo: Sandra Juto
Photo: Sandra Juto
I found something for my Daily dose of quirkiness too at Sandra Juto's blog. I really like this little robot, sitting and enjoying him-/herself in the sunshine. I guess Sandra just found it on the street on one of her walks in Berlin. (Actually, the cappuccino with the elk in the photo further up would have been a good daily dose of quirkiness too)

Photo: Sandra Juto