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25 maj 2012

Summer in Sweden

Tree in Lundagård park in Lund, Sweden
It's been really warm and like summer this week in the south of Sweden, even if it is still spring if you go by the calendar. The scent of lilacs is in the air and the trees are lushious and green - great when you need some shadow. At work we are having our lunch outside in the museum park, and coffee breaks as well.

Lilacs in Lundagård park in Lund, Sweden. 
The warm and sunny weather is really nice but also tiring, when you still have to work and do all the other every day stuff. There has been no energy left over to blog. But here comes a little Swedish summer inspiration...

Photo: Sussies Värld

Ikea's Swedish blog Livet hemma

Anna Ådén is a Swedish photographer who lives in Umeå, quite far up north in Sweden. This photo is from the series "Lily of the valley". See more of her beautiful photos on her website and her blog

Swedish summer night... Photo: Anna Ådén from the series "Lily of the valley".

Photo: Anna Ådén

And for my Daily dose of quirkiness I found this very fancy lady at The Grapics Fairy. That site is a goldmine :-)

The Graphics Fairy

2 kommentarer:

Patricia Villamil sa...

Completely blown away by the beautiful pictures, and the scenery. So Summer has arrived. How awesome! I also loved the thrifty things you put especially those textiles, I'm looking for blue and gray and white napkins or kitchen towels also.

Enjoy them!

Hanna sa...

Fina sommarbilder. Ja värmen har verkligen varit påträngande den senaste veckan, lite FÖR mycket för min smak. I fredagskväll kom dock ett rejält åskväder och rensade upp lite i luften. Var på dop i går, trodde jag skulle rinna bort innan cermonin var över, ingen kall gammal stenkyrka där inte ;0)

Anna Ådén tar vackra bilder, det är någon härlig mystik i dem. Gillar hennes stil.

Ha en fin vecka, kram Hanna