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5 maj 2012

Snapshots from friday

Photo: Maria/Jamie says dream

Just a few snapshots from my friday. Above some photos from a house from the 15th century at Kulturen, the museum where I work. I'ts a stone brick tower. The print hangs inside - I would like it on my own wall! 

And below a postcard from my blogfriend Gulcin. She lives in Istanbul, Turkey. The old name of Istanbul was Constantinople, as it says on the postcard. The rose is part of a bouquet on my kitchen table. 

Photo: Maria/Jamie says dream

In my Daily dose of quirkiness today: Rocking lamp by Young & Battaglia/Mineheart. Simple and clean and quirky at the same time - I like it! But it's too expensive for me...

Rocking lamp by Young & Battaglia/Mineheart

6 kommentarer:

Mariana sa...

Hello Maria,
the print is beautiful! And in my favourite colours combination :).
I like this rocking lamp, it would be perfect next to a rocking chair :).
Have nice Monday!

Mariana sa...

:)) I´m sorry, yes, Monday too - I wanted to wish you nice Sunday. M

Patricia Villamil sa...

That's a funny looking lamp! I hope you are gettings done all while enjoying the weekend. Did you hear about this supermoon?

noreen sa...

hello maria, happy sunday! is that a fabric hanging from the very old house? it's really beautiful. also your rose picture is spectacular. just lovely. and the quirky lamp might make you dizzy with the rocking light. you think?

Hanna sa...

Helt underbart det där tryckta tyget!

LissenTo sa...

Hejsan Maria

Vilken fantastisk tapet, med så gammalt mönster. Håller ännu.

Lampan är rolig också.