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6 maj 2012

Delight to my eye

After cleaning, doing laundry, cooking, doing dishes, clearing out some of my clutter - I just wanted to look at some pretty things. And I haven't come far enough with my livingroom to show you any progress-photos yet... I'm so slow when it comes to that! So here is just some eye candy for you and me: 

Neeta-Mehndidesigner * Necklaces by Junko Oki/Woky Shoten (Japan)
bubble wands by ladylucente * Stiching by Junko Oki/Woky Shoten

And in my Daily dose of quirkiness: can you see what these angel wings are made of? Look closely....

Alfredo and Isabel Aquilizan, Last Flight, 2009. Used flip flops

5 kommentarer:

Creative Living + Wabi Sabi Style sa...

Hej tjejen, hälsningar från en annan städgumma. Solen är avslöjande, eller hur? Flipflop ängel? Den var inte dum. Ha en skön måndag. Lisbeth

Hanna sa...

Gillar de röda skorna, lite av de "ruby slippers" som Dorothy har i "The wizard of Oz".

Vet hur det är det där med att det tar tid att få den ordning man vill ha hemma. Du jobbar ju hela dagarna, det gör inte jag, men jag lyckas aldrig bli klar i alla fall. Fast det kanske har mer att göra med att jag hela tiden ändrar om... ;0)

Kram Hanna

leah of sang the bird sa...

Love the flip flop angel wings! I didn't see that at first. so clever!
i have given you the sunshine award. feel free to pass it on if you'd like too. you can see it on my lil bloggy space xxx

mauishopgirl sa...

Oh my god! I have to have the butterfly wings made out of flip flops (slippas in Hawaii), don't you think? That is only our State's unofficial footwear.

Gulcin sa...

Hi Maria, I really understand what you mean!
I postponed decorating my flat after the wedding because it's really hard to think two different issues at the same time plus daily dose of housework :)
And I really wonder about your living room decoration.
By the way thank you very much for turning my postcard to one of your beautiful photo collage.:)