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30 maj 2012

Action plan for decluttering and organizing

Right now I'm writing an action plan to get me on track with decluttering and organizing my home. I have posted about this before, but there is far to little action. I'm sooooo slow! Hopefully my plan will help me, but it will still take time.

I'm going to start with a decluttering-race in all rooms, to get rid of as much as possible quickly. I mean, it's so unnecessary to have a lot of things in the way, when you don't even need them or want them. I don't want to move these things around anymore!

I will throw away, put away in my already packed basement storage (I know, stupid, but I don't have a car. I have to rent a car or hire someone to take all the stuff away later on. Maybe this fall), sell or give to charity and I will also have a put-in-place-later-box. This is totally needed, because a lot of the time when I want to clean out items from one little area, I don't have a given place for the items yet. Or maybe I know where to put it, but that area is still a mess.

It's hard to know where to start and in what order to do things. And to put up with the mess during the process! I will let you know more about my action plan soon.

Do you have any good tips, that can prevent me from giving up during this process?

I love this little "Bless this mess"-sign in my Daily dose of quirkiness, but it would be more appropriate in my home than on this well organized wall :-)

"Bless this mess"-sign from the home of Jessica Hische,
featured at  See Me Everywhere

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LissenTo sa...

Vet inte om jag har något tips för att komma igång. Men bestämd för att ta ett "hörn" varje helg. använd förmiddagen till det, sedan gör du något kul/trevligt som belöning.

Jag behöver också rensa lite, får väl göra själv som jag säger till dej :-)

Hanna sa...

Tänk framåt när du rensar, bygg upp en bild i ditt huvud hur det kommer se ut när det är klart, det borde sporra lite. Ta också rummen systematiskt, börja efter en vägg och fortsätt med nästa, spring inte kors och tvärs över rummet. Jag brukar förflytta sakerna framför mig, när jag är klar med vardagsrummet flyttar jag ut de överblivna sakerna i hallen osv. Lycka till!

Själv är jag ganska oinspirerad just nu, blir inte så många inlägg på bloggen. Har dessutom tagit på mig jobbet som brorsans "sekreterare". Han ska flytta hem till Örebro i höst och behöver en bostad. Tyvärr är det inte det lättaste att få tag i en lägenhet, så jag har en lång lista med hyresvärdar som jag betar av just nu... känns som om jag springer i motvind, i värsta fall får han väl flytta in hos föräldrarna tillfälligt. På lördag är det i alla fall pysseldag med tjejerna, det ska bli kul :0)

Ha det bra!
Kram Hanna

noreen sa...

hello maria - free advice is worth what you pay for it. but here it is - do small bits, and listen to music while you work.

good luck!

mauishopgirl sa...

I'm one of those weird types that love organizing. Beautiful inspiring shots. In the US, some charities will come pick up the donations from your home.

Best of luck! I agree, do in small manageable bits. I do a little project every weekend. A corner, a shelf, a drawer...

leah of sang the bird sa...

Hello gorgeous! How are you? I'm a fan of the 15minute rule; the thought being that you can do almost anything for 15mins. So small spaces/15minutes intensive sorting/chucking/cleaning! And as noreen say "listen to music..."
I'm still doing my home. Let's do it together xxx


Thank you, all of you! Good advice and the fact that you take the time to comment and encourage is helping me a lot!

Love to all of you!