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30 maj 2012

Action plan for decluttering and organizing

Right now I'm writing an action plan to get me on track with decluttering and organizing my home. I have posted about this before, but there is far to little action. I'm sooooo slow! Hopefully my plan will help me, but it will still take time.

I'm going to start with a decluttering-race in all rooms, to get rid of as much as possible quickly. I mean, it's so unnecessary to have a lot of things in the way, when you don't even need them or want them. I don't want to move these things around anymore!

I will throw away, put away in my already packed basement storage (I know, stupid, but I don't have a car. I have to rent a car or hire someone to take all the stuff away later on. Maybe this fall), sell or give to charity and I will also have a put-in-place-later-box. This is totally needed, because a lot of the time when I want to clean out items from one little area, I don't have a given place for the items yet. Or maybe I know where to put it, but that area is still a mess.

It's hard to know where to start and in what order to do things. And to put up with the mess during the process! I will let you know more about my action plan soon.

Do you have any good tips, that can prevent me from giving up during this process?

I love this little "Bless this mess"-sign in my Daily dose of quirkiness, but it would be more appropriate in my home than on this well organized wall :-)

"Bless this mess"-sign from the home of Jessica Hische,
featured at  See Me Everywhere

29 maj 2012

DIY - something pretty to hang in your home

I love when pretty things are hanging from the ceiling. It's just a bit tricky when it's high up... But then you can hang something in the window or on the wall. Here's some DIY tutorials and inspiration if you want to hang something new in your home too. All of them with a nice summery feeling :-)

Give a simple white paper lantern a summer feeling, tutorial by Green Wedding Shoes

Stripes of plastic bags and fabric on a string. Photo: Clarisse Demory

Rain drop mobile, no tuturial but more inspiration
 photos in Leah's blogpost at Sang the bird

Paper doilies decoration by Pysselbolaget

I posted this before but I LOVE it!
DIY hanging planter via Shelterness
Vintage Doily Bunting, 3m long from Bunting Boutique. 
Also serves as DIY inspiration

Hanging planter by Song & Dance, she used a tutorial from Rfinery 29,. 

Recylcled Bottle Hanging Vases featured at Micasa (link is broken), via Poppytalk

And in my Daily dose of quirkiness, a new take on party balloons - Fruit Balloon DIY by Oh Happy Day. Cheerful :-)

Photo: Oh Happy Day

27 maj 2012

Mother's Day - missing my mother

It's Mother's Day today, but my mother has passed away. Sweet mamma, I wish I could have given back more to you. What I wish the most that I could have given you, is time to just sit and think about your dreams, while you were still healthy. To give you help and incouragment to fulfill more of your dreams.  I will always love you and miss you.

To the left photo of my mother
To the right "Gentle Breeze" photograph/art print by Lyle Huisken

26 maj 2012

Thrifty Saturday

A chairity thrift store here in Malmö, Erikshjälpen, opened up at a new location today, and I came home with two bags of stuff.

Textiles, mostly in blue, and a ceramic vase...

...glas jars with lids and a big tin can...

...a map tray and a wooden cutting board...

My Daily dose of quirkiness also comes from the trift store: a swan doilies :-)

PS Congratulations to Loreen from Sweden! She won Eurovision Song Contest 2012.

25 maj 2012

Summer in Sweden

Tree in Lundagård park in Lund, Sweden
It's been really warm and like summer this week in the south of Sweden, even if it is still spring if you go by the calendar. The scent of lilacs is in the air and the trees are lushious and green - great when you need some shadow. At work we are having our lunch outside in the museum park, and coffee breaks as well.

Lilacs in Lundagård park in Lund, Sweden. 
The warm and sunny weather is really nice but also tiring, when you still have to work and do all the other every day stuff. There has been no energy left over to blog. But here comes a little Swedish summer inspiration...

Photo: Sussies Värld

Ikea's Swedish blog Livet hemma

Anna Ådén is a Swedish photographer who lives in Umeå, quite far up north in Sweden. This photo is from the series "Lily of the valley". See more of her beautiful photos on her website and her blog

Swedish summer night... Photo: Anna Ådén from the series "Lily of the valley".

Photo: Anna Ådén

And for my Daily dose of quirkiness I found this very fancy lady at The Grapics Fairy. That site is a goldmine :-)

The Graphics Fairy

19 maj 2012

Ready by Summer?

Seascape, Mabini Art Project, Oil on canvas in various frames by Alfredo & Isabel Aquilizan, 2011

Finally I have internet connection again! And some other problems that has taken up my time is also over and done with, so tomorrow (Sunday) I will continue my very slow progress of transforming my combined bedroom/living room into a room that is functional for me and a lot prettier than it is now. On a budget.

While I'm cleaning, throwing things out and putting things in place you can enjoy yourselves with a little summery inspiration in blue and naturals if you like... :-) (It's sooo easy to collect inspiration but very hard to have the time, energy and money to follow up on the inspiration in real life. And to choose from all this online inspiration one gathers....how?)

Blue lime pillow and Drop mosaic T-light from Indiska

Inspiration image from H&M Home "Always at Home"

Dip-Dyed Baskets - Martha Stewart 

Pillow cover from H&M Home, Mon Ami tea cup from Rörstrands,
Bandanna pillow and  Ikat marin pillow from Hemtex

Hand painted napkins and image from Milk Farm Road, featured at Bright Bazaar

Geometric Vase Collectin from West Elm, found via Lolalina
And in my Daily dose of quirkiness, some budgies that are very-easy-to-care-for-pets - they are part of a vase by Jaime Hayon, made for Lladró. And they are blue, as they should be in this post :-)

Vase by Jaime Hayon for Lladró, beside it a budgie sculptur
from an antique market. Image from Sköna hem.

11 maj 2012

Temporary connection problems

Tulips in the park of Kulturen, the museum in Lund, Sweden, where I work. Photo: Maria/Jamie says dream

My internet connection at home is down, I will be back as soon as it's fixed! I wish you all a great weekend! I will work on Sunday, when we have Children's Day at Kulturen, the museum I work at in Sweden. We hope the sun will shine on us and the children. When I took the photo above this morning it had recently rained and it was cloudy...but still beautiful in the museum park.

6 maj 2012

Delight to my eye

After cleaning, doing laundry, cooking, doing dishes, clearing out some of my clutter - I just wanted to look at some pretty things. And I haven't come far enough with my livingroom to show you any progress-photos yet... I'm so slow when it comes to that! So here is just some eye candy for you and me: 

Neeta-Mehndidesigner * Necklaces by Junko Oki/Woky Shoten (Japan)
bubble wands by ladylucente * Stiching by Junko Oki/Woky Shoten

And in my Daily dose of quirkiness: can you see what these angel wings are made of? Look closely....

Alfredo and Isabel Aquilizan, Last Flight, 2009. Used flip flops

5 maj 2012

Snapshots from friday

Photo: Maria/Jamie says dream

Just a few snapshots from my friday. Above some photos from a house from the 15th century at Kulturen, the museum where I work. I'ts a stone brick tower. The print hangs inside - I would like it on my own wall! 

And below a postcard from my blogfriend Gulcin. She lives in Istanbul, Turkey. The old name of Istanbul was Constantinople, as it says on the postcard. The rose is part of a bouquet on my kitchen table. 

Photo: Maria/Jamie says dream

In my Daily dose of quirkiness today: Rocking lamp by Young & Battaglia/Mineheart. Simple and clean and quirky at the same time - I like it! But it's too expensive for me...

Rocking lamp by Young & Battaglia/Mineheart

1 maj 2012

New (second hand) sofa

I picked up a sofa today - new to me but second hand, very cheap at Blocket (like Craigslist but Swedish). Finally I can get rid of my red couch! It's not very comfortable and I don't want red anymore.

I will try very hard to get my combined living-/bedroom together now, so I'm counting on you to hold me to my promise! I have procrastinated enough!

Here are my moodboards for this spring/summer look in my room  -  first the sofa area: 

Top row:
"Cactus Love": Styling Gozde Ekner, photo: Emre Dorter - Repurposed lighting by Conant Metal & Light -  DIY hanging planter via Shelterness

Middle row:
Zigzag Mashup Rug from Urban Outfitters - Flax hued Italian linen table runner,  hand block printed by Rachel Craven, via Poppytalk - Tablerunner with indigo/neon pink print by Wendy Polish, via Poppytalk.

Bottom row:
God's Eye by Amber Abramson/Busy-Being, via Poppytalk - Lampshade table DIY from Real Living October 2011 issue, photography: chris warnes, styling natalie walton, via Daily Imprint -  Ektorp sofa from Ikea

The core is blue and white, with a little black and a splash of bright pink. The sofa is an Ektorp from Ikea, it's beige but I will buy a crisp white sofa cover very soon.  It's not the prettiest sofa in the world, but it's very very comfortable. And it will be white, so it mixes with all colours. 

Lots of blue in my bed area collage, but it's easy to change with different textiles.
Im inspired by the Japanes Boro, and maybe I will do my own patchwork with indigo fabric. Maybe I could even do a simple version of the denim slippers? Who knows what I can do, if I just get started :-)
Stine Trampe Broch's home in Copenhagen, featured in Danish Femina -
Japanes Boro via Orime - Emmie Land, my new duvet cover and
 pillowcase from Ikea - Japanes "slippers", Chris Court Photography.
I really want to get my creative corner toghether (finally!) so I can do at least a little of all the creative things I want to do. But I still haven't painted the table for this corner...  
Fjeldborg's work space - Hello Dala Postcard  from Seventy Tree - Photo by Derek Ridgers/PYMCA in a thrifted photo magazine - "The Strange Planet" silver/pink horse from The Good Machinery - Small Gold Paper Bowl by Up in the air somewhere - Photo of brushes by The Shabby Creek Cottage

Well, I hope I will be able to really get some organizing, cleaning and decorating done, instead of just planning. Maybe with a little support from my readers? I mean cheer-me-on-support... :-) I will give you an update later on this week. 

How would you like to live in the cloud in my Daily dose of quirkiness? :-) Le Nuage ("the cloud") is located on a lake just outside of Bordeaux in Southwestern France, and it is the work of art group Zebra3/Buy-Sellf. Read more and see more photos at Babble