"" JAMIE SAYS DREAM: Rainy, windy but nice April Sunday

1 april 2012

Rainy, windy but nice April Sunday

Photo: Maria/Jamie says dream

Oh wat a great non-sick weekend I have had! It was really windy and rainy today, but it didn't matter. It was nice to go out for a walk anyway. And nice to find this guerilla art decorated tree :-)

Photo: Maria/Jamie says dream

I went to Malmö Museum to see the photo exhibition Photo of the Year (Swedish press photography), and I looked at some other things too.

Photo: Maria/Jamie says dream

I really liked this photo reportage by Rebecka Uhlin, featuring and old couple. I might show you some more photos from the exhibition/competition next week...

Photo: Maria/Jamie says dream

Photo: Maria/Jamie says dream

This bud is about to burst...

Photo: Maria/Jamie says dream

...and the old graveyard in the center of Malmö was full of blue scilla, like every spring. It's like blue carpets in the grass.

Photo: Maria/Jamie says dream

Photo: Maria/Jamie says dream

Photo: Maria/Jamie says dream

I got a bit wet from the rain, so it was nice to be back in my kitchen to have a warm cup of tea. I bought a booklet about Malmö Museum's exhibition "Mode utan midja"  (Fashion without waist), with clothes from the 1920s. There was an image of a beautiful painting by Nils Dardel too, the one you can see in the picture below. I really like it! 

Photo: Maria/Jamie says dream

My Easter decorations at home this year is limited to birch twigs with bird feathers. I will spend Easter with my sister in Borås, so I have to enjoy these before I go.

Photo: Maria/Jamie says dream

I'm happy today, so I chose this fun and happy photo for my Daily dose of quirkiness. Girl and cat bouncing together :-)

Photo: leslie m k on Flickr

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Patricia Villamil sa...

Hi Maria, seems like you spent a lovely Sunday taking amazing pictures I love the graveyard one, it draws you in. I live graveyards especially if they are taking care of. Thanks to your post, got an idea about a graveyard/cemetery post. I hope you have a nice week.
Oh by the way i had to change my domain again, it's the linkwithin widget that;s not working again, I have tried to contact support about them linking to the old domain, but no one is listening. how frustrating, im even considering moving to wordpress to see if by getting a new account they will be able to link properly, my prvious posts.

mauishopgirl sa...

Lovely photos! I would love to visit your area one day. Have a wonderful week.

esther sa...

Hey Maria! Thank you for your sweet message on my post! I have been kinda absent lately, just being busy with boring things, and not having been able to make things that I would like to share. Hope to change that very soon!
I love it that you are posting more and more pictures you made yourself. And your Easter decoration is so pretty, really like those colors!
bye! Esther

Hanna sa...

Åh så skönt att du äntligen hade ork att ge dig ut och njuta lite i helgen. Så kul att hitta de där dekorerade träden, stickad konst kan man hitta lite varstans. Ett roligt inslag i naturen. Kul också att gå på fotoutställning. Gillar också bilderna med det äldre paret, ett stycke underbar historia. Fint med påskriset, jag valde att inte ha något påskris i år. Dels för att jag inte kommer vara hemma och dels för att mitt påskpynt ligger någonstans i röran i vindsförrådet (som är nästa ställe som behöver vårstädning).

Det är härligt nu med alla knoppar som slår ut. På min gård ståtar en underbart gul forsythia-buske bland de än så länge kala träden. Hittade början till ett fågelbo, antagligen duva, på balkongen i dag, massor med kvistar i ett hörn. Var elak nog och slängde kvistarna, vill inte komma hem på måndag och ha drällande sambos därute.

Verkar som om det blir regn i påsk, lite tråkigt, men man får väl göra det bästa av det.

Vore kul att ses, åker med stor sannolikhet till Skåne i sommar :0)

Kram Hanna

Heather B. sa...

I LOVE the tree cozies, very cute! Your photos are so beautiful! I love the blue flowers and how you get closer and closer. (Although I can picture the odd looks you might have been getting laying on your belly in the middle of a graveyard ;-) I love the feathers in the tree too! Super cool! Awesome post lady!!!

Kate sa...

beautiful captures Maria ! Looks like you had a lovely weekend !

Mariana sa...

Dear Maria,
beautiful photos!
Photos by Rebecka are very nice, for reflection.
And your photographs - very lovely, especially blooming scillas in grass.
This year I´m planning to take feathers in twigs for Easter, too :).
Nice evening! M

leah of sang the bird sa...

There is so much that i love about this post! In Australia crochet covered trees {or knitting } is called yarn bombing. I love it so much!
The photographs are beautiful! And your easter decorations are so lovely. Feathers and twigs, two of my favourite things!
As for the girl bouncing with her cat: pure joy. Love to you Maria xxx

noreen sa...

hello maria! long time no visit, and your blog is beautiful as always. hey - i love old people (since i am 47 and becoming one, i should!). on my blog i do not show people's faces, but old people are so beautiful in their own way. i would love to see more of that exhibition.

glad you are happy and well. happy easter!