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16 april 2012

Playing with black paint

I was playing with a little black paint the other night. I cut a piece of a kitchen sponge into a triangel and printed papers full of black geometric shapes. I like the uneven result. I painted some wooden beads too, but I'm not sure yet what will become of them...  I asked my son if he wanted to join me and print something this coming weekend, and he said yes :-)

For my Daily dose of quirkiness, I just have to show you one more fun card from the Etsy shop artbyheather :-) I just love this! And by the way, it was Gulcin who helped me find this fun shop. 

Fun vintage photo card from artbyheather

5 kommentarer:

esther sa...

Nice that black triangle print! I also like it that it is uneven, much nicer then perfect :)

Hanna sa...

Kul med lite pyssel på hemmaplan, roligt också att din son vill vara med. Jag tycker du ska rama in dem i svarta ramar och sätta upp din egen konst på väggen :0)

Här hemma pysslas det för fullt också. Rastlöshet är bara förnamnet...

Må så gott!
Kram Hanna

Patricia Villamil sa...

What a cool DIY. I have also been experimenting with paint and sponge i was trying for a kilim pattern but i tell you it's difficult? You know Maria you should frame it!

LissenTo sa...

Vad fint ditt målarprojekt blev, jag gillar verkligen trianglar nu och har letat om jag skulle hitta ett prisvärt tyg. Men icke.

Fnissade högt när jag såg kortet, härligt. Lite med fördelen att bli äldre.

Kram och ha en fin vecka.

Heather B. sa...

Hiya Maria! The daily dose is great. Ethel and Myra remind me of my great aunts ;-)Art by Heather is such a hoot! We have a very similar sense of humor. Thanks for sharing!