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15 april 2012

PicMonkey - Fun Photo Editing Tool Online

The popular online photo editing tool Picnik is closing April 19, but some of the Picnik team members have created a new online editing tool called PicMonkey. I found out about this in a blogpost at How About Orange that I read today.  PicMoneky is very simular to Picnick, very easy to use, but after my first quick try tonight I would say this new one is more fun than Picnik :-)

Of course there is the basic editing for cropping, resizing, exposure and so on, but also a lot of fun extra stuff. I will show you a few examples. 

I started with a photo from my post Rainy, Windy but Nice April Sunday, and just used Exposure to make it a little lighter at first (should have done before I posted it the first time I think...) This was then the base when I tried out the different effects. 

Photo: Maria/Jamie says dream

Effects - Urbane:

Effects - Tranquile:

Effects - Yester color: 

Overlay - Paper Scraps + Text (Hmmm, I think I added some effect to this too, but I can't remember which...):

In this last one I went to Textures - Papyrus: 

Which photo editing tool or tools do you use? I don't have Photoshop at home (at least not yet) so I use PhotoScape, PhotoFiltre, Pixlr-o-matic (effects and frames) and now I will use PicMonkey too. 

4 kommentarer:

Patricia Villamil sa...

Awesome never knew this existed for free for computer users. I will check it out!

noreen sa...

hi maira - i like your original photo the best. i like real beauty. also, the paper layover with text is really cool. i'll try this one day - maybe on summer break. thanks for the introduction! (i do not change my photos at all - my whole idea is that beauty exists, and you just need to see it.) joy to you!

noreen sa...

whoops - maria

Hanna sa...

Jag som deppat över att Picknik skulle läggas ned, har gillat deras enkla redigeringsmetoder. Nu blev jag glad och ska undersöka PicMonkey. Jag har inte heller Photoshop, utan brukar redigera i Pixlr, Pixl-o-matic, Picasa, Photoscape och tills nu Picknik. Allt beroende på vad jag ska göra med bilderna. Det är kul att leka och göra riktiga effektfulla konstverk av bilderna.

Må så gott och ha en bra start på veckan :0)
Kram Hanna