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26 april 2012

Gambian music in my head

"Felle Ko Tele" with the Gambian artist Haruna Touray aka Manding Morry is in my head right now. I like the rythms, makes me want to move and shake :-)

In my Daily dose of quirkiness, a terrific sign that the photographer Trine Thorsen got from a friend. I would like one in my kitchen too!

Foto: Trine Thorsen/So mee blog

4 kommentarer:

mauishopgirl sa...

I love the wine quote! Made me laugh.

leah of sang the bird sa...

Oh how i've missed visiting you! Am hopefully back from my 2 week bloggy break. Hope you are well, and that spring is doing its thing. much love xxx

noreen sa...

hello maria, i talked about you today on my blog. i'm not sure what you do at the museum, but ... you'll see. happy friday!

Hanna sa...

Sköna rytmer i låten, en riktig feel-good-musik.

Kul tavla ;0)