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22 april 2012

Esther's fun sharing idea

Mixed media print by Esther/Cat Hair in my Eye
The other week Esther who blogs at Cat Hair in my Eye came up with a great idea: she had made some prints and asked if anyone wanted to have one of them and then send a little something back. Beacause it's great to have fun snail mail once in a while, and not just bills!

I was up for it of course, and this week I got one of her prints in the mail, beautifully wrapped. It's not actually printed, the house silhouette is cut out and the "Home is where..." is sewn on. Maybe I should call it mixed media illustration.

This is such a fun way of sharing, beyond commenting on each others blogs! I'm very happy about the print :-) Thank you Esther! I will send my return mail to Berlin on monday!

Pretty wrapping 

Esther's print on my kitchen wall. 

In my Daily dose of quirkiness, another way of making art - a leaf portrait by Justina Blakeney :-)

Leaf Portrait by Justina Blakeney

P.S: Thank you for your encouragement in the comments to my last post. I had a really tired week and it made me feel deficient not to have energy enough to do what I thought I should have done. Stupid to feel this way, because it only makes you weeker! And Noreen - yes, I will put in quotes when I'm happy as well! I did put in a happy photo in my Daily dose of quirkiness a little while ago :-) 

6 kommentarer:

Patricia Villamil sa...

That is lovely! I always wanted to participate in one of those exchange gifts things where blogger friends send each other something they made and then they post about it. Just wonderful!

Hanna sa...

Häftigt! Så kul idé och så kreativt, förstår att du gillar det. Det skickas alldeles för lite snigelpost i dag, allt sköts digitalt, det är lite tråkigt.

Hoppas du piggar på dig snart, vet hur det känns att befinna sig i bubblan.

Kram Hanna

LissenTo sa...

Vilken rolig ide och vilken fin ide. Håller med om att få lite roligare post än trista räkningar, gjorde det säkert roligare att öppna det här kuvertet.

Åh så kul med utedag och göra något annat än det vanliga.

Kram och ha en fin vecka och mera sol.
// Lissen

Gulcin sa...

I'm very happy to see that you're back with your common energy!Esther's idea is great, i also follow her and I'm planning to support snail mail tradition too.
The big day is May 19th and when i remember the date, i feel very stressed and sometimes i suddenly start to cry because of my hair is still curly :)
I think you have valid reasons to feel tired or sad but i hope they are all gone away from you!

All the best,

Hvite tulipaner sa...

Hei og takk for fine ord hos meg:)Blogging tar mye tid og jeg sliter veldig med å få tid til å besøke alle de fine bloggene der ute som besøker meg og ikke minst kommentert tilbake, og det får jeg litt dårlig samvittighet av. Og så er vel ikke bloggelysten helt på topp, men får se hva som skjer:)
Håper alt står bra til med deg og at du også nyter våren!
Klem E

noreen sa...

hello maria - how sweet to have snail mail. i'm happy you got that! it's fun to have friends from other countries. take good care of yourself, n