"" JAMIE SAYS DREAM: april 2012

29 april 2012

Blue, black and white

Zigzag Mashup Rug from Urban Outfitters
I bought something from Urban Outfitters for the first time, and I'm really excited to see what it looks like when I can unpack the parcel in a week or so. I ordered the Zigzag Mashup Rug in blue and white, and I couldn't resist to also order The Rise and Fall Sleeping Fox Pillow.

The Rise and Fall Sleeping Fox Pillow
When I look at the two things I bought, I realize that I like the colour combination of blue, black and white. I looked up some more inspirational images...

Norweigan An-Magritt's kitchen in August 2011

An-Magritt's kitchen in January 2012

China from Fine Little Day. Design: Anna Backlund & Elisabeth Dunker / RYM

Stine Trampe Broch's home in Copenhagen, featured in Danish Femina

House & Home March 2011 issue (Canada).  Photgrapher John Cullen, Designer Joel Bray. 

I want to try to print on fabric. This is two examples of printing tutuorials: 

Easy printing with scratch foam by Alisa Burke.

Printing with a stencil, Apartment Therapy
Speaking of blue, Ikea is launching a new limited colletion in June called "Kollektion blå" (Collection Blue). Looking foward to visit Ikea this summer to have a look...

"Kollektion blå" (Collection Blue) from Ikea, limited collection
 launching in june 2012. Image via Room and Serve

And in my Daily dose of quirkiness: an octopus plate! I don't know if I would dare to eat on this plate... The octopus doesn't look that friendly.

The Deep Side Plate, Octopus from Anthropologie

26 april 2012

Gambian music in my head

"Felle Ko Tele" with the Gambian artist Haruna Touray aka Manding Morry is in my head right now. I like the rythms, makes me want to move and shake :-)

In my Daily dose of quirkiness, a terrific sign that the photographer Trine Thorsen got from a friend. I would like one in my kitchen too!

Foto: Trine Thorsen/So mee blog

23 april 2012

Inspired by Native American Indians

In my post Inspired by Indigenous People I wrote about how all  ethnic or cultural groups have their own way of decorationg themselves and their homes and environment - sometimes very paintful ways! But of course we are also inspired by each others cultures - every culture is in it self a mix of inspirations. Diffrent "ethnic" styles comes back in fashion and interior every now and then. The latest year or so I have seen a lot of patterns and items that have some assocciation to indigenous people or very old cultures - aztec, navajo, sami, tribal...

Today I picked out some images and items inspired by Native Amercian Indians.

Tipis in the garden of Chandelier Creative's weekend outpost for the staff
- the Surf Shack - created by Richard Christiansen.
See the rest of the amazing Surf Shack images here and here and here!
Image from Chic Cham's blog Educate your sofa. The cushions can be found in
Chic Cham's  webshop here, and the colourful Navajo inspired dhurry/rug here

Astral Teepee, womens tri-blend tank, by Bark Decor

Navajo Notebooks by Sanna Annukka, can be bought at 1973 or, in diffrent colours, at Forages.

Dream Chatcher by A Cup Full of Sunshine, who used a tutorial at Lune blog to make it.
"Sia Buffalo Mask" photo by Edward Curtis 1925. 

Digital illustration of vintage arrows by Julia Kostreva and Minnetonka boots

In my Daily dose of quirkiness I want to show you that the Native American Indian inspiration stretches all the way to things for our pets, like this cat-tipi :-)

The Purr-fect Place Pet House from ModCloth

22 april 2012

Esther's fun sharing idea

Mixed media print by Esther/Cat Hair in my Eye
The other week Esther who blogs at Cat Hair in my Eye came up with a great idea: she had made some prints and asked if anyone wanted to have one of them and then send a little something back. Beacause it's great to have fun snail mail once in a while, and not just bills!

I was up for it of course, and this week I got one of her prints in the mail, beautifully wrapped. It's not actually printed, the house silhouette is cut out and the "Home is where..." is sewn on. Maybe I should call it mixed media illustration.

This is such a fun way of sharing, beyond commenting on each others blogs! I'm very happy about the print :-) Thank you Esther! I will send my return mail to Berlin on monday!

Pretty wrapping 

Esther's print on my kitchen wall. 

In my Daily dose of quirkiness, another way of making art - a leaf portrait by Justina Blakeney :-)

Leaf Portrait by Justina Blakeney

P.S: Thank you for your encouragement in the comments to my last post. I had a really tired week and it made me feel deficient not to have energy enough to do what I thought I should have done. Stupid to feel this way, because it only makes you weeker! And Noreen - yes, I will put in quotes when I'm happy as well! I did put in a happy photo in my Daily dose of quirkiness a little while ago :-) 

19 april 2012

I'm all I have

I don't feel like much right now, but it will be ok...

Quote by Philip K. Dick embroidered by Emma Parker/Stich Therapy onto doily from charity shop.

16 april 2012

Playing with black paint

I was playing with a little black paint the other night. I cut a piece of a kitchen sponge into a triangel and printed papers full of black geometric shapes. I like the uneven result. I painted some wooden beads too, but I'm not sure yet what will become of them...  I asked my son if he wanted to join me and print something this coming weekend, and he said yes :-)

For my Daily dose of quirkiness, I just have to show you one more fun card from the Etsy shop artbyheather :-) I just love this! And by the way, it was Gulcin who helped me find this fun shop. 

Fun vintage photo card from artbyheather

15 april 2012

PicMonkey - Fun Photo Editing Tool Online

The popular online photo editing tool Picnik is closing April 19, but some of the Picnik team members have created a new online editing tool called PicMonkey. I found out about this in a blogpost at How About Orange that I read today.  PicMoneky is very simular to Picnick, very easy to use, but after my first quick try tonight I would say this new one is more fun than Picnik :-)

Of course there is the basic editing for cropping, resizing, exposure and so on, but also a lot of fun extra stuff. I will show you a few examples. 

I started with a photo from my post Rainy, Windy but Nice April Sunday, and just used Exposure to make it a little lighter at first (should have done before I posted it the first time I think...) This was then the base when I tried out the different effects. 

Photo: Maria/Jamie says dream

Effects - Urbane:

Effects - Tranquile:

Effects - Yester color: 

Overlay - Paper Scraps + Text (Hmmm, I think I added some effect to this too, but I can't remember which...):

In this last one I went to Textures - Papyrus: 

Which photo editing tool or tools do you use? I don't have Photoshop at home (at least not yet) so I use PhotoScape, PhotoFiltre, Pixlr-o-matic (effects and frames) and now I will use PicMonkey too. 

14 april 2012

Inspired by Indigeneous People

Vintage Tinted Photograph of an American Indian
available to buy in different sizes at Native American Artwork

Lately I have been so very inspired by indigeneous people, and design inspired by different indigeneous people. I posted about Sami people a little while ago and about feathers and a dream catcher inspired by the native american indians. And the inspiration has sneaked in here and there, since I'm certainly not the only one who is into this at the moment.

I have also thought about how decorating ourselves and our environment is so built in to the human cultures. However simple the houses and clothings are, there are always decorations. Do you know any cultural or ethnic group who does not have their own way of decorating? I think "beauty" is not enough to describe what we want from a decoration, we want associations, symbolic meaning, memories, rituals...

Sami family in Norway around 1900
Detroit Publishing Co. Print no. 7123

Photo from Kenya by Diego Arroyo
can be bought as artprint here

Karo man wearing body paint at dance performance by Jane Sweeney

Maasai woman photographed in 1979 by Adrian Lewis

Luritja man demonstrating method of attack with boomerang under cover of shield,
central Australia, photographed by Herbert Basedow, 1920.
National Museum Austrailia. 

Ainu woman with lip tattoo around 1930, from Lars Krutaks book.

Did you know that there is such a thing as a Tattoo Anthropologist? I do now, after finding Lars Krutak's website and the fascinating stories and pictures feautered there. This american anthropologist has also published the books The Tattooing Arts of Tribal Women and Kalinga Tattoo: Ancient and Modern Expressions of the Tribal, and produced and hosted Tattoo Hunter, a series of programs on Discovery Channel where Lars Krutak investigates ancient body modification rituals from around the world.

The photo above shows a woman from the Ainu people, the indigeneous people of Japan. The mouth tattoo was belived to repel evil spirits from entering the body through the mouth and it also assured the woman life after death in the place of her deceased ancestors. The mouth tattoo was added step by step as the girl grew, and a full mouth tattoo was a sign of maturity. Only women wore tattoos among the Ainu people, and only a woman could become a tattooists.  Apart from around the mouth Ainu women also made tattoos on their arms. The last fully tattoed Ainu woman died in 1998, according to Lars Krutaks article

Lars Krutak with Gru, a heavily scarified Hamar man of southern Ethiopia.

The life of the Kanigara tribe of Papua New Guinea is filled with rituals, small and great. One of the more significant is the inititiation cermonies for young men - the skin cutting ritual - held in the spirit house. One of the Kanigara men told Lars Krutak: "we see each razor cut as a crocodile tooth biting into your skin. And when you are done, you will feel like a big crocodile is lying on you!” After the cutting, the wounds are covered with mud. This will stanch the bleeding, but also infect the cuts. As a result the scars will be thick, and resemble crocodile skin. 

Kanigara man with scars in front of the spirit house.
Photo: Lars Krutak

Ok, so this post went from beautiful inspiration to a little scary... so lets jump on to my Daily dose of quirkiness to lighten things up a little bit. Totally off the subject, just a fun, silly greeting card :-)

Vintage Photo Card from Etsy shop artbyheather

11 april 2012

Painted, printed and drawn with black

Image from October's issue 2011 of Country Living Magazine
 via Poppytalk.

 A lot of the time at work I'm in front of the computer, and when I get home I'm tired of staring in to the screen. This means I don't visit my blogfriends as often as I would like, but I will come around you guys!

Today I collected some inspiration of patterns painted or printed or drawn in black...

erinloechner on Instagram

"Broken Chevron" woodwork by Kristin Casaletto

Tiebele, the painted village of the Gurunsi people in southern
 Burkina Faso. Photo: Louis Montrose, USA,
overall winner, Travel Photographer of the Year 2011

Miroslav Tichý