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25 mars 2012

To pin or not to pin, that is the question

Do I need Pinterest to organize my inspiration and images to blog later?
Or can I use other tools?
This pretty IRL moodboard is made by Creative Mint in 2010 (still feels fresh!)

I haven't pinned anything onto my Pinterest-boards this week. Why? Because of copyright issues. I'm not sure if I'm going to delete all of my pins, or if  I have the energy to edit and then pin in a restricted way.

Copyright issues using Pinterest
I have been thinking about the copyright issues when using Pinterest for a long time. Since I always give credit and link to the original source on my blog, why should I not on Pinterest? When I repin an image it often lacks a link back to the original source. If I use it for my blog I always track down the source (often by using Google Image Search), and if I can't find the source I don't use the image.

But when people see the repinned image on my pinterest board and the original source is not credited, it IS my responability. I have complained about blogs, especially tumblr blogs, who does not give credit - and then I have sometimes done the same on Pinterest!

Pinterest describe their service like this:
"Pinterest lets you organize and share all the beautiful things you find on the web. People use pinboards to plan their weddings, decorate their homes, and organize their favorite recipes."
Sounds good, but IF you read the terms that you agree to follow (and I say IF with capital letters, because many of us never read the long and complicated terms of use, we just click agree...) under Terms & Privacy and Copyright & Trademark, you will see that there is a lot to think about.

By uploading you say that you are the copyright holder of what you pin (image or video or whatever) or have permission to pin it. You are responsible for not infringing the copyrights or other intellectual property rights of others, and if you do, Pinterest has no responsability at all.

The copyright issue can be easily forgotten when you are encouraged to use a popular tool like Pinterest, and there's no mention about copyright under Pinterest's Pin Etiquette. The popular photosharing site Flickr has enabled pinning images from their site (of course there are ways to do it anyway, but it's not possible to do it quick and easily with the "Pin It" button in your toolbar anymore) and maybe more sites will follow.

For a background on Pinterest doubts you can read:

TechCrunch - Pinterest Copyright Issues (...) about Kirsten Kowalski, who seems to have started the discussions about Pinterest and Copyright

MauiShopGirl - My not so difficult decision...to opt out of Pinterest

Amy Lynn Andrews - Pinterest and Copyright: What I'm Doing

In Swedish/på svenska:

Kreafonbloggen - Pinterest och upphovsrätt

SvD - Het sajt med slapp koll

Mathias Bilenberg - Pinterest vs upphovsrätt, diskussionen fortsätter

This image was found on Pintrest by Ez who blogs at Creature Comforts, and used in a blogpost where Ez gave credit to the person who pinned this but also gave full credit to photographer, stylist, and and the magazine where the image had been published. Not just "Pinterest" as a source, which you often see. 

Copyright and blogging
Just to give credit and link to the copyright holder does actually not give me the right to pin or blog an image. According to the law (international and Swedish), I have to get permisson from the copyright holder.

But in the blog culture I think the majority of bloggers accept reblogging of their material, if we link and give credit. Even appreciate it. What do you think? Should we always ask for permisson to use something from another persons blog?

My new guidelines
  • I will always, as I have done before, give credit and link to the original source when I blog. If I want to use photos from someone who is not a blogger, for exampel a photographer, I ask for permission. Well, if I feauture something from a shop with direct links and credit, I will also assume that they agree to that, because they get promoted. 
  • I will learn more about Creative Commons licences for pictures (about Creative Commons in Swedish, find information in your own language by searching for Creative Commons)
  • When I reblog I will post less of the images, to make the readers go to the original source for more. A way of giving respect and a clearer credit to the original blogger. (If I have permission I can post all images from the other blog.)
  • I will only pin an image to Pinterest when the blogger has a "Pin It" button in the blogpost AND has only posted her own images or clearly have permisson to post someone elses material. Or if it's a Creative Commons image, if I have the copyright myself or have permission from the copyright owner to use it.  UPDATE: I'm not sure I'm going to be able to follow this... But I will pin with a lot of more thought, and write credit in the description when I pin. 

  • When I repin at Pinterest, I will check if there is a link back to the original source. If not, I will track down the source at once, or skip repinning.
  • I will delete pins from Pinterest that does not live up to my own demands in the two preceding paragrahps. It will take me some time though...
  • I'm also testing a new tool to organize articles and  images for inspiration and use on my blog - Dropmarkwhere you can keep your collections private or share, as you wish. Thanks to MauiShopGirl for that tip!  I will write more about this tool next week. 

UPDATE 2012-03-27: I'm missing Pinterest right now... And I have pinned a few pins today. I updated one paragraph above... 

What is your view on copyright and blogs, Pinterest and other social media? Is it ok to pin/blog an image or other material if you give credit and link accurately, or should we always ask for permisson?

Are you curious about Dropmark, where you can keep your collections private and don't have to think about copyright until you use it on a blog or somewhere else that is not private?

I'm having a cold, so I can hardly belive I had the energy to write this looong blogpost. Influenza and colds seems to go round and round at work :-) I have rested all weekend AGAIN to be able to work next week. Boring!

Ok, after all this seriousness, it's time for my Daily dose of quirkiness:  A Bob Landry photograph of a young girl blowing a bubble gum bubble - look at her friends around her :-).

Photo: Bob Landry, aviable to buy at AllPosters.

(Hard to find much information about Bob Landry online, but at least I know he caputered World War II in photos, for example the aftermaths of the attack on Pearl Harbour.)

4 kommentarer:

LissenTo sa...

Inte lätt att hålla rätt på upphovsrätten, speciellt när man gör det i god tro.

Det blir väl klara besked snart.

Bra att du han mysa till på fredagen, så inte hela helgen gick till vila.

Så det är fler som blivit sjuk på jobbet, ja den där flunsan drabbar både vikarier och fast anställda.

Ha en bra vecka nu. Kram Lissen

Hanna sa...

Jag har faktiskt aldrig använt mig av Pinterest, förstår fortfarande inte direkt vad det är, kanske dags att undersöka. Naturligtvis ska man alltid länka när man lånar en bild, det är jag noga med. Oftast länkar jag bilden direkt, plus att jag länkar i texten också. Problemet är väl att det är så himla mycket bilder i cirkulation i cyberrymden, det är svårt att hålla koll på alla källor. Samtidigt handlar det om copyright, men bland miljoner bilder betyder det nog inte så mycket för vissa, tyvärr.

Häftig bild med bubblan. Känner inte igen fotografen, men om han fotat under andra världskriget finns säkert massor med spännande och otäcka bilder tagna av honom.

Tråkigt med din förkylning, de kan vara envisa de där virusen. Jag vet att det är en klyscha - men krya på dig!

Min helg har varit ok. Har sanerat köket från slipdamm ;0) Ska fortsätta vårstädningen nu i veckan. Mamma hjälpte mig med att sy gardiner i dag och i går tillverkade jag egna ordtavlor som ska upp på väggen i köket. Det går framåt...

Dags att sova kanske...
Kram Hanna

Patricia Villamil sa...

I absolutely hear ya when it comes to giving credit, it's the right thing to do all the time. But the pinterest community is a bit of tricky thing, unless the creators take more seriously copyright issues. Having said that, there's some flexibility afforded to the users of Pinterest, because like you say sometimes the original link is broken or an image has been liked so much that identifying the source is like running through Alice's Wonderland. I try to give credit all time. And I try not to use images that don't have at least a reputable link back or source, but it's hard, and most bloggers use images, to promote that image's standing, in which case, the credit is given in that way, and they don't monetarily profit from the image in a way that it would hurt the image creator. It's all very complicated, but I think that we bloggers know better to post an image and don't give credit at all.

BTW Maria, I hope you are feeling better from the cold, I hope your week flies by and you feel better each day.

Warm wishes, and drink chicken soup.

kate sa...

Hi Maria,

I appreciate the input + your values ! I agree, using material consciously or unconsciously without giving proper credit is stealing ! Thank you for the reminder ~

I hope you are well ! Thank you for checking in with me :) How sweet to have friends from half way across the world who care ! Be well !