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11 mars 2012

Simple pleasures of a tired week

I was so happy to get back to work this week, and felt a lot of energy on monday. But then. Boom. Post-influensa-tired! Not much has been done this week outside work, and I was getting a bit stressed over my list of things to do. Because of that, I tried to focus on simple little pleasures of this week for my blogpost. Simple pleasures that I took snapshots of...

I'm happy about my new little letterpress from Åhléns, and that my succulent is growing. I think I'm going to take off the tallest top of the one in the photo and try to grow a new plant.

Photo: Maria/Jamie says dream

I'm trying to find a good place for the postcards I got from Malmö Konsthall when me and my friend Anna went to see an an exhibition of Gerhard Nordström's paintings a couple of weekends ago. The left postcard shows one of the paintings we saw, and the right postcard shows a photo by Dan Isaac Wallin. I love to buy postcards from exhibitions and museums!

Photo: Maria/Jamie says dream

I bought two yellow flowers last weekend, to put in my hall. They are still standing and their yellow colour makes me happy when I come home or pass on my way to the kitchen. It dosen't need to be a big and fancy bouquet!

Photo: Maria/Jamie says dream

At work I keep taking a little time every now and then to get to know all the exhibitions and buildings at Kulturen. On International Women's Day I went with my collegue Madeleine when she guided a group of visitors through the history of Swedish women from different classes, by going to different houses at the museum. We started in the wooden church from the 17th Century. The church is still used for weddings and christenings.

My snapshots are not from Madeleine's guided tour, it's from my own walk around Thomander's house - a house from the middle of the 19th Century, where a professor/bishop and his family lived. The house has been moved a few blocks, in to the museum area.

Photo: Maria/Jamie says dream

In my Daily dose of quirkiness I have a suggestion for a fancy handbag for spring :-) It's handmade and reversable, witch makes it a bit pricy...

"A Bird of II Feathers" Swan handbag by Mimi Pong

8 kommentarer:

Patricia Villamil sa...

Oh maria I hope you are feeling much better. That house looks familiar, like it's been lived in right now.
Hope you have a nice week.

Hanna sa...

Skönt att du är på banan igen, trots tröttheten som ofta kommer som ett brev på posten.

Vackra bilder. Brevpressen har jag sett på flera bloggar, har dock ej letat upp den i butiken ännu - kanske är dags, för den är ju så fin. Korten från utställningen är helt underbara, speciellt det med badkaret. Ruffigt som jag gillar ;0)

Var själv på fotoutställning i går. Bland annat Elisabeth Ohlson Wallin's bilder, mycket intressant och sevärt.

Ha det jättebäst!

Gulcin sa...

Dear Maria,
I hope you feel better today, flue is also around me in these days, but i really feel that warm days are closer! Thank you very much for your messages/comments and as you guess,i'm trying to reply or read comments as possible as i can, but i'm waiting for the most appropriate time to write...
There is a limited time to settle down in a new city/house,organising a wedding in my hometown and also trying to getting used to a new job (this time a magazine about green buildings and environmentala rchitecture solutions)is really hard for me but i see the light at the end of the tunnel! :)
The museum which you mentioned might be Yildiz Sarayı (Yildiz Palace) and one day, maybe you can also apply for this kind of exchange program and visit Istanbul!
BTW, today i'm transcribing a speech of Swedish person from Sweden Green Buildings Council. You really have amazing developments about it and i'm sure again that you are so lucky...

Liz sa...

Hi Maria,
Thanks for stopping by my blog this weekend! I hope you are feeling much better after having a restful weekend. This house is so beautiful!! I love the old wood and that antique wallpaper!! So lovely :)

LissenTo sa...

Den influensan har däckat många och skönt att du börjar känna dej på "banan" igen.

Vad kul och intressant att gå på guidad tur, vad mycket att lära och fint det finns på ditt jobb.

Ja, det behövs inte många blommor för att man ska bli glad.

Våren är på väg :-)
Ha en fin dag. // Lissen

Michelle * Viva Revival sa...

Hi Maria! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Hope you're feeling better. The tiredness after the flu sure does stick around for a while.

Your succulent is beautiful. It just looks so perfect! I keep meaning to get some. One day. And I love that bag! Too clever!

Calinas sa...

Haha, sicken väska!!! :)

leah of sang the bird sa...

oh your succulent is thriving!!! well done!
i hope your energy is retuning. darn nasty flu vius. much love my darling xxx