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14 mars 2012

Sheep doll for a little girl and my Pow-ring

Photo: Maria/Jamie says dream

A couple of days ago I picked up this lovely handmade sheep doll at the post service. It came all the way from Czechia, where Mariana Felnerova made her. I couldn't resist it when I saw it on Mariana's blog La Maison Verte, and decided to buy it and give it to a friend's little daughter. 

It's made of cotton and filled with sheep wool, the clothes are made in linen and wool - natural materials and very well made! This doll was not in her Etsy shop, I saw it on her blog. When I asked her if she could put this particular sheep doll in the Etsy shop, she did so at once. Very good and fast service, thank you Mariana! 

Photo: Maria/Jamie says dream

Mariana also makes home accessories, bags and gifts and she paints as well. Creative and skilled! If you find something on her blog that you can't find in the Etsy shop (right now there's only two sheep dolls there) ask her if it's for sale and if she can put it in the Etsy shop. Maybe you are lucky, like me :-)

In November I posted about the TwoFinger Scrabble Word ring from the Etsy shop The Lovely Teaspoon,  and earlier this year I got one. I choose the letters POW - like a super hero POW, when they fight the bad guy :-) My collegues at work think it's funny. 

Photo: Maria/Jamie says dream

In my Daily dose of quirkiness, another "doll"...or pillow. Hand knitted by Debbie van Zyl and sold in her Etsy shop

Beast Pillow

5 kommentarer:

LissenTo sa...

Vilken fin present, till din väns dotter. Ser oerhört välgjord ut och snäll och go.

Lite mer POW, i tillvaron skulle man ha. Men annars får man fixa det själv :-)

Tror affischen måste vara en protest, typ att ordet inte är fritt.

Men jag ser det du ser, fniss.

Gulcin sa...

What's wrong? My comment flied somewhere over the universe,anyway.
These are so lovely!
P.s. Yes,i'm in Istanbul for 3 weeks,finally :)

Hanna sa...

Vilken fin docka, underbara blå ögon! Gillar de andra sakerna också. Jag har gamla alfapet-bokstäver som jag mest använder i fotosammanhang. Det är så kul att få inspiration till en massa projekt!

På tal om min soffa. Jag har inte heller råd med en ny Mio-soffa. Är ju sjukskriven... Men jag har ett par föräldrar som tröttnat på att behöva rulla ur soffan för att ta sig upp ur den när de är på besök ;0) Så de är söta nog och bidrar med största delen av kostnaden.

Michelle * Viva Revival sa...

Aw what a sweet little sheep. And that monster pillow is hilarious! I really want one, but I'm pretty sure I don't need it.

leah of sang the bird sa...

The little sheep is so sweet! I am a sucker fo cuteness! And your ring is cute and quirky! xxx