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14 mars 2012

Easter is coming soon

I talked on the phone with my sister today, and we decided that I will visit her for Easter. That gives us more time than if I go for just a normal weekend. I work half a day on Thursday 5 April and then I don't start until Tuesday again. Nice little spring break in Borås, where my sister lives :-)

Anyway, this made me realize that Easter is coming quite soon, so here's some Easter inspiration I've picked up :-)

Little egg man, tutorial at a bit of pilli pilli...

From Sweet Paul Magazine Spring 2012

Eggs coloured with things like grape juice, tea, beets
 and blueberries by Two Men and a Little Farm

How to sprout lentils for a pretty spring decoration from Chatelaine

The little bunny in my Daily dose of quirkiness is trying to hide for us in this fantastic cake by Tracey Lau.  Could you make a cake like this? I don't think I could...

5 kommentarer:

Heather B. sa...

I love the tiny flowers in the eggs! They're so delicate and sweet. It's the kind of thing that I always want to do but never actually pull off. Oh that I were Martha ;-) The bunny butt cake is a hoot and a half!

leah of sang the bird sa...

oh maria!!! the wee succulents in the egg shells are divine! i think i am in love with this idea. i will let you know if i make them up as gifts!

and yep, the bunny butt is super cute. Glad your easter break will be lovely xxx

Liz sa...

Maria, these easter ideas are so great and different!! Wow, that cake? Amazing!! I have to agree with Leah too, the succulents in the egg shells are so sweet and pretty!! Thanks for sharing your thoughts about stepping out of one's comfort zone today on my blog! And looks like you are in for a great Easter break yourself! Enjoy~

Michelle * Viva Revival sa...

I have got to get some succulents. They are so beautiful.

Lol, I LOVE your daily dose of quirkiness. They keep making me laugh.

Patricia Villamil sa...

what a cute doll, i want one! i love this post too, got me so inspired!