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3 mars 2012

Catch a dream with Geninne

Dream Catcher by Gennine D. Zlatkis/Geninne's Art Blog

I just love this dream catcher that Geninne D. Zlatkis who blogs at Geninne's Art Blog made. She used these instructions from Native Amercian Technology & Art. Maybe, maybe I will try to make one.

There's so many pretty things on Geninnes blog, like these painted stones:

Painted stones by Gennine D. Zlatkis/Geninne's Art Blog

And this lovely painting has decorated my computers desktop for a while now: 

"You Are a Part of Me 5/5" by Gennine D. Zlatkis/Geninne's Art Blog

I don't know if The Little Theatre Of Dolls still gives performances, but I had to post this photo of the artists and puppeteers Frida Alvinzi and Raisa Veikkola in my Daily dose of quirkiness. There is a puppet theater in their skirts! :-)

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pernilla plaza interiör sa...

Du kan ha rätt i det du skriver :). Men att ändå ha mål att fokusera mot är nog viktigt... Vad har du för dig i helgen? Kram!

Hanna sa...

Vilken underbar drömfångare, den andas verkligen hemmagjord och genuin. Gillar stenarna också. Får så himla mycket idéer och inspiration varje gång jag tittar in hos dig.

Hoppas du har en skön helg. Kram Hanna

truebluemeandyou sa...

The difference between where you live and where I live in the US regarding the Dreamcatcher: I posted this (citing that I got it from you)and have gotten the nastiest comments ever about co-opting Native American history and culture, making a mockery of it etc... But then again, lots of people will end up loving it and reblogging it :) Lesson learned: I can't please everyone all the time and certainly don't and shouldn't care.



I'm sorry about the nasty comments you got when posting the dream chatcher necklace earlier. I think it's just natural to reuse and reinvent traditional objects and patterns and so on. We do it all the time. It's sometimes very sensitive when we get inspired by religious items/symbols or a minority groups culture...but just because a certain object made a certain way means something special to a group of people it doesn't mean that an object that looks the same or nearly the same means the same to another group of people.

But this is hard sometimes. Like the swastika for example. Even if it was used in an entirly different culture before the Nazis took it over, we really wouldn't want to use it know.

But I think this dream chatcher thing is really innocent. And I even think many people who like dream catchers finds some kind of spiritual inspiration from them. Natures spirits perhaps.

P.S. I really love the terrariums with fern, stones and moss you posted a little while ago! I'm a bit fern obesessed right now :-)

pernilla plaza interiör sa...

haha du är gullig du.

Calinas sa...

Ooo, stenarna - så vackra! såna får man ju ta å göra själv... :)

Heather B. sa...

I love the painted stones! I keep seeing them and I really like them! I may need to try that myself!

You find the coolest things!