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21 mars 2012

Blossom Buddies by Elsa Mora

Blossom Buddie by Elsa Mora, via What  The Cool

A quick hello to my bloggfriends - hello! - I will come and check out your latest blogposts soon. Just haven't had enought time to keep up with the blog world so far this week.

Today I go straight to my Daily dose of quirkiness with Blossom Buddies - figures made of flowers. They are made by the Cuban born multimedia artist Elsa Mora. She is based in Los Angeles and works with painting, drawing, papercutting, photography, illustration and more. 

The cute flower figures are collected in her book Blossom Buddies. Check out her blogs! (Yes, she's got more than one.)

Blossom Buddie by Elsa Mora, via What  The Cool 

Blossom Buddie by Elsa Mora, via What  The Cool 

7 kommentarer:

Gulcin sa...

Great findings for a new spring time!!

Mariana sa...

Hello Maria,
very cute buddies, I look forward to spring and flowers, to a garden full of flowers!
Nice days :). M

Hanna sa...

Otroligt söta små stilleben, det gäller att inte ha brist på fantasi. Idéer väckte de också, så nu ska jag fundera lite på liknande.

Nu är målandet klart här hemma och jag känner mig inte en dag över 100... Så slut i kroppen. Nu är det "bara" vårstädningen kvar ;0)

Ha en trevlig helg!
Kram Hanna

LissenTo sa...

Oerhört charmiga söta blomsterarragemang, man blir glad av att se dom. Underbart med människors kreativitet.

Vet du, jag städar inte speciellt ofta på hyllorna, i kök, sovrum och vardagsrum. Blir när jag byter plats på grejerna. Blir faktiskt inte sådana dammsamlare som man kan tro.

Hoppas du är piggare och det känns bra med allt.

Kram Lissen

Anairam sa...

I love Elsa Mora - she has such a whimsical style! I used to check her Hidden Seed and paper cutting blog regularly.
PS I just love your post below about "until then here is a drawing of a cat". Hahaahaha - that does make me feel better!
PPS Re. the proofreading: unfortunately such an agreement would be very difficult, especially in our educational publishing industry. As the final proofreader I have to see the book the way it is going to be printed, and that means seeing the text in the final printed size. And the deadlines are extremely tight so I often have to work until 2 a.m. to get things done. "Editing" is a different ball-game - you then get the text electronically and can size up or down to make it easier on your eyes. I will just have to keep at it until this proofreading job is over and then rest my eyes for a couple of weeks!

leah of sang the bird sa...

I love Elsa's creations! These are so beautiful and happy. I hope you are doing well Maria. I'm thinking of you x

Creative Living + Wabi Sabi Style sa...

Älskar dessa skapelser. Du hann före mig. Läser att du blivit förkyld igen. Krya på dig. /Lisbeth