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18 februari 2012

Where I work - Kulturen in Lund

Blekingegården at Kulturen. The house was built in the middle of the 18th century, the interior is based on how the well-to-do peasant Carl Olsson and his family lived 1815-1835. Photo: Maria/Jamie says dream. 

I have worked my first three days at my new job at Kulturen in Lund. Lots of new information, new people and names to remember, new impressions. I have been really tired in the evenings to be honest, and that's why I haven't had any energy to blog.

I thought I should show you some snapshots from my first day at work, from Lund and from Kulturen.

Lund is belived to have been founded around 990, when this region of Sweden, called Scania, belonged to Denmark. Along with Sigtuna, Lund is the oldest city in Sweden, and the center of Lund is full of old buildings. Quite picturesque. Already in 1666 Lund University was founded, and is now the largest university in Sweden. 

LUND The Cathedral of Lund, Kungshuset (university building where I
studied Philosophy), the street outside Kulturen and the oldest university building.
Photo: Maria/Jamie says dream

Kulturen is a big museum where you can walk around outdoors and indoors and see buildings, environments and exhibitions that show how people have lived and worked in Sweden through different ages and in different social classes. The museum was founded in 1882 and has grown more and more, when old buildings have been moved here. Kulturen has a great collection of artefacts from Sweden but also from cultures around the world, and they have both permanent and temporary exhibitions.

KULTUREN: pearl emboridery; Vita huset/The White House; the house where I work
(Locus Virtutum) and Herrehuset/The Noble House. Photo: Maria/Jamie says dream.

You have to bend down and watch your head when you
pass through this door... Photo: Maria/Jamie says dream

6 kommentarer:

Anonym sa...

Dear Maria,
very big CONGRATULATIONS for your new job! Actually i've read your post yesterday but i waited a little to comment.It's so nice to see you and read you again. Pictures are amazing and you're sooo lucky to be able to work there!
By the way,i'm in a hurry but for a beautiful reason, and i can give you a tip before i post my latest post. "I wish i would visit Sweden for my honeymoon" :)

Gulcin sa...

Oh,it has been sent as anonymous,it's me :)

LissenTo sa...

Förstår att det måste ha varit fullt upp med nytt jobb, alla intryck, informatin och nya människor.

Hoppas du kommer att stortrivas!

Så mycket historia det måste finnas i Lund och vackra byggnader.

Tack för peppen :-)

Kram och ha en skön helg.

// Lissen

Amber sa...

nice to see you back! And great photos. What a wonderful place to work You actually have a reason for not posting. I don't. :)

leah of sang the bird sa...

your new job looks interesting and steeped in rich culture. enjoy and remember to rest also xxx

Patricia Villamil sa...

I love this post, I didn't see it before! How breathtaking Lund is, I wish I could visit, makes me want to leave everything and fly there now! Your pictures are stunning, you do have a gift, you should explore this more... So happy for you in your new job, be awesome! (I pinned a few shots, thanks for all the inspiration!)