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28 februari 2012

Thinking about pink

This lamp from Studio Snowpuppe has been seen on blogs a lot lately.
And I'm a fan too! Comes in diffrent colours and also as a floor lamp. 

Still fighting the flue, with a pile of paper tissues beside my bed. I don't have a tv right now, so I'm watching series online and surf around to blogs, pinterest and webshops. And today and yesterday I've been looking at a lot of pink. Not cerise, not neon, not light pink with lots of blue in it, but kind of coral or salmon hues.

That's me, going from colour to colour, style to style and thinking about what I would like. And then I change my mind! But sometimes I go back to the same thing a lot of times, and then it's probably something that I reeeeaaally like, right? Very slow progress in my home, but I'm not standing still. I'm going back and forth. How do you decide what to do with your rooms?

By the way, Heather at Home again jog wrote a fun blogpost about what she calls Compulsive Containter Acqusition. About buying containers for organization, believing it will magicly solve the clutter problem. Read it here, and see if you fit into the description :-)

Puzzle cushion from Hay (to expensive for me, I want to find a simular)
and image from the home of Jen Gilpin and Maxime Bellesteros, featured at Freunde von Freunden

These pots are ugly-cute! Photo: SF Girl by Bay on Flickr

Necklace by Not Tuesday and Origami poster by dottir&sonur

And for my Daily dose of quirkiness: The Victorian Shoe Lamp :-)

Victorian Shoe Lamp

PS  Is blogger playing games with your blog too? The colour of the headline and the links should be green, but it dosen't work as it should...

4 kommentarer:

LissenTo sa...

Men din stackare är du fortfarande sjuk. Jag är så mycket piggare mot för i förra veckan, så jag hoppas det går lika fort för dej.

Rosa är inte min favoritfärg, men hos andra gillar jag den mer. Lampans former jättesnygg. I sovrummet har jag ingen lampa, fortfarande. Vissa saker går långsamt, till slut ser man inte..

Krya på dej.
Tur du kan se på serier på datorn

noreen sa...

hello maria - the pots are ugly, but the necklace and origami poster are cool. i hope you feel better!

Hanna sa...

Rosa är fint, speciellt den rosa färgen som du visar. Kan man inte kalla den lite för gammelrosa? Lampskärmen på den sista bilden skulle jag gärna ha. Foten kanske skulle bli lite för mycket. Jag har dock liknande kängor efter min farmor, de står på golvet i min hall :0)

Nu får du krya på dig ordentligt, så du kan gå ut och njuta av solen!
Kram Hanna

leah of sang the bird sa...

i love pink accents in a room. The necklace is lovely. I'd definately wear it!