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23 februari 2012

Jylian Gustlin's Sketchbook

When I was around twelve I tried to learn to draw, but then something else stole my attention. When I see Jylian Gustlin's Sketchbook I feel like trying to learn how to draw again...

All images from Jylian Gustlin's Sketchbook

And in my Daily dose of quirkiness, another artwork. Also depicting the human body, but the inside of it - and up-quirked with a flower and a butterfly :-)

Artwork by Rebecca Ladds.
She also has an Etsy-shop, but this artwork was not for sale there when I looked. 

3 kommentarer:

noreen sa...

hi maria,
you need to get a pencil and some blank paper. it is fun to draw - i still color on the paper tablecloth at the pizza place. also love your quirky art!

leah of sang the bird sa...

Maria, these drawings are beautiful. I hope you do start drawing. It can be really cathartic (and lots of fun).
And your piece of quirkiness is lovely! Right up my alley! I am off to check out her etsy shop. Hope your job is going well xxx

Hanna sa...

Dessa teckningar visar verkligen kroppen i sin riktiga form, så som den faktiskt ser ut på större delen av befolkningen.