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18 februari 2012

Inspiration for a small dressing area

Since I share a two-room (rental) apartment with my teenage son, my living room is also my bedroom. Very limited space, but I'm happy to have what I have. But I want to transform it a little, to suit me and my needs better. I want it to be a room that I like to live in!

My new creative corner is on its way, and I will also change another corner of the room where I right now have my stereo on a chest of drawers - and not much else, except mess! I want it to be a dressing area.

I wish I could have a really big mirror like this,
but there's hardly room for that. Love the ottoman too.
Image from Real Simple
I will paint the chest of drawers, organize accessories, nailpolish and things like that on it and in it, and put up a mirror on the wall. And on the other side of the doorway, next to the bed,  I will hang the Leaf hangers that I won in December, to put my clothes on when I go to bed.

Image from the book The Find by Stan Williams
 via The City Sage

I Might Just Explode

Design Sponge Sneak Peek: Caitlin & Erik Flemming

Design Sponge Sneak Peek: Jennifer Sarkilahti of Odette

Sounds quick and easy, but these things take time for me... And of course, I spend too much time collecting inspiration, instead of really doing things! 

Small Notebook 

The shoes in my Daily dose of quirkiness was worn by The Leningrad Cowboys, in the film "Leningrad Cowboys Go America". I wouldn't mind having them in my dressing area, just for fun :-)

Via Belt and Braces

2 kommentarer:

LissenTo sa...

Ibland eller väldigt ofta så behöver man samla inspiration innan man kommer till skott. För man vill ju göra något genomtänkt som man kommer att trivas med under lång tid.

& så trevligt det är att se all ögongodis :-)

leah of sang the bird sa...

i too, spend a lot of time collecting beautiful, inspirational images and not enough time doing... byt it is also theraputic sourcing beaty. may things tranform gracefully and easily for you xxx