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26 februari 2012

Influenza weekend with At Your Leisure

Colourful, fun wall in Yoki shop, from At Your Leisure issue 3

Yesterday I didn't even realize at first that I had a fever, I thought it was just a cold. But I think it's the influenza - caughing, sneezing, fever, my body aches (especially the inside of my ears!) and my throat is sore.

I had planned to paint the table for my creative space this weekend and to take a trip to Ikea, but I had to stay in bed most of the time. My laptop kept me company, between naps. 

Through Happy Mundane blog I found out about the zine At Your Leisure, and treated myself with the third issue, that will arrive by mail soon.  

From At Your Leisure issue 3

At Your Leisure is produced by J3 Productions, founded in 1998 by creative director Jonathan Lo, who is also the man behind Happy Mundane blog. Jonathan and his team don't want to call At Your Leisure a magazine, they call it a zine "in reference to all those independent underground publications we loved in the late 80s and 90s". 

From At Your Leisure issue 3

From At Your Leisure issue 3

From At Your Leisure issue 2

From At Your Leisure issue 1

I drink a lot of tea for my sore throat (green tea with lemon and elderflower that my son picked out in the shop, really nice when you have a cold/influenza), so in my Daily dose of quirkiness I serve you these lovely Teapot lamps :-) Hope you all had a better weekend then mine! 

Photo: _°•● ! ☺°ppomme on Flickr

7 kommentarer:

Patricia Villamil sa...

oh too bad you have the flu, i hope it shall pass quickly. I love white teapots light fixtures against that shadowy background!

Hanna sa...

Åh, underbara lampor med tékannor! Jag har funderat på att göra en egen version av en hatt, men har inte hittat hatten än :0) Har dock gjort en egen kejsarlampa.

Usch och fy för influensa, du verkar inte vara ensam med den i alla fall. En hel drös verkar ha blivit drabbade. Skickar över lite styrka och pigghet och hoppas att du snart är på bättringsvägen :0)

LissenTo sa...

Fy vad trist att du blev sjuk, då tappar man orken totalt. Kommer nya dagar med mer energi.

Till utällningen kommer jag att ha bilder från vandringen jag gjorde i höstas Porto - Santiagi de Compostela.

Krya på dej.

Här är halvstökigt, full med ramar på golvet osv. Blir nog bra med det också.

Mariana sa...

Dear Maria,
thank you for your visit on my blog. I´m glad I found so interest blog - your blog, of course :).
Yes, I speak and write English, but not very well, I´m sorry :).
I wish you to be healthy soon.

noreen sa...

hi maria, i'm sorry to hear you are sick! lots of soup and hot tea with lemon or honey. stay in bed, and take care of yourself. best wishes for a quick recovery!

leah of sang the bird sa...

Sorry you were so sick! Sounds like you did all the right things. Rest, tea and a splash of retail therapy. This zine looks lovely, I'll check out their site.
The teapot lamps are AWESOME!!! Love them. Great find!
I hope you get well quickly xxx

ppomme sa...

Thank you so much for featuring my teapot lamps photo :) Warm wishes. Karine x