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13 februari 2012

I'm back - thank you friends!

Photo: Tereza Vlckova

I'm back after my break and I feel soooo much better now! I want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH to my sweet internet-friends who have left comments during my break, it really means a lot to me! I haven't responded, so you might think I didn't care, but I really did! I just needed all my energy to get going with my life outside the blog world. 

A little update: 
  • I'm starting a new job on Wednesday, at Kulturen in Lund (Kulturen is a big museum and Lund is the nearest city to Malmö, where I live). 
  • I've started to excercise a little (small steps and patience) and it feels soooo good!
  • I adjusted a medicin I take every day and it helps me a lot more now. 
  • I'm sleeping during the nights again :-) I used to be tired all the time before, with very irregular sleep. It feels fantastic to have a good rytmh again and I'm not tired during the day anymore. 
  • The creative space I want and need to have in my living room is on it's way. I cleared the space and painted some shelves yesterday, and tomorrow I will put the new table in place. I will show you when it's ready. 
  • My sweet, dear friend Anna is helping me with decluttering and organizing. It will take time before everything is ready, but it's so much easier with her help.  She was here yesterday, and we worked for a few hours and then had a nice dinner together. 
  • I'm ready to take on the world again! And to blog!

And for my Daily dose of quirkiness, a little lady on top of things (like I feel right at this moment) knitting a bright and fun yellow doily:-)

Rosa Marrero

7 kommentarer:

Patricia Villamil sa...

Maria, welcome back so happy to hear you're doing better. You were missed! I can't wait to hear about your new job and see that new space!

leah of sang the bird sa...

Hello maria. So glad to hear things are aligning for you. Take things slowly and be kind to yourself. much love xxx

Hanna sa...

Du verkar ha fått mycket gjort den senaste tiden, blir lite avis. Har själv en massa som borde göras, men att sedan komma till skott är en annan sak...

Lycka till med jobbet på Kulturen, jättekul!

Till sist, du visar som vanligt upp en massa fina bilder som inspirerar mig :0)

Heather B. sa...

I'm glad you back and feeling better! Congratulations on your creative space! How I long for one of those! Color me envious ;-)

LissenTo sa...

Så bra att ta en paus ett tag. Riktigt känner och läser att du har fått en massa energi och vad mycket du har gjort.

Nytt jobb, måla, fixa i arbetshörna. Att du fått annan medicin och börjar motionera låter toppen.

Så glad för din skull :-)

Kram Lissen

Utställningen blir 1 mars i kommunhuset, lite pirrigt.

Älskar broderiet, .................

noreen sa...

welcome back! we missed you. glad you are feeling better, and sleep is so important. your quirky art is WONDERFUL! joy to you, and happy new job. i want to hear more about it.

Kate sa...

welcome back ! I love BOTH of these photos ! Good luck with the new ventures :-)