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28 februari 2012

Thinking about pink

This lamp from Studio Snowpuppe has been seen on blogs a lot lately.
And I'm a fan too! Comes in diffrent colours and also as a floor lamp. 

Still fighting the flue, with a pile of paper tissues beside my bed. I don't have a tv right now, so I'm watching series online and surf around to blogs, pinterest and webshops. And today and yesterday I've been looking at a lot of pink. Not cerise, not neon, not light pink with lots of blue in it, but kind of coral or salmon hues.

That's me, going from colour to colour, style to style and thinking about what I would like. And then I change my mind! But sometimes I go back to the same thing a lot of times, and then it's probably something that I reeeeaaally like, right? Very slow progress in my home, but I'm not standing still. I'm going back and forth. How do you decide what to do with your rooms?

By the way, Heather at Home again jog wrote a fun blogpost about what she calls Compulsive Containter Acqusition. About buying containers for organization, believing it will magicly solve the clutter problem. Read it here, and see if you fit into the description :-)

Puzzle cushion from Hay (to expensive for me, I want to find a simular)
and image from the home of Jen Gilpin and Maxime Bellesteros, featured at Freunde von Freunden

These pots are ugly-cute! Photo: SF Girl by Bay on Flickr

Necklace by Not Tuesday and Origami poster by dottir&sonur

And for my Daily dose of quirkiness: The Victorian Shoe Lamp :-)

Victorian Shoe Lamp

PS  Is blogger playing games with your blog too? The colour of the headline and the links should be green, but it dosen't work as it should...

26 februari 2012

Influenza weekend with At Your Leisure

Colourful, fun wall in Yoki shop, from At Your Leisure issue 3

Yesterday I didn't even realize at first that I had a fever, I thought it was just a cold. But I think it's the influenza - caughing, sneezing, fever, my body aches (especially the inside of my ears!) and my throat is sore.

I had planned to paint the table for my creative space this weekend and to take a trip to Ikea, but I had to stay in bed most of the time. My laptop kept me company, between naps. 

Through Happy Mundane blog I found out about the zine At Your Leisure, and treated myself with the third issue, that will arrive by mail soon.  

From At Your Leisure issue 3

At Your Leisure is produced by J3 Productions, founded in 1998 by creative director Jonathan Lo, who is also the man behind Happy Mundane blog. Jonathan and his team don't want to call At Your Leisure a magazine, they call it a zine "in reference to all those independent underground publications we loved in the late 80s and 90s". 

From At Your Leisure issue 3

From At Your Leisure issue 3

From At Your Leisure issue 2

From At Your Leisure issue 1

I drink a lot of tea for my sore throat (green tea with lemon and elderflower that my son picked out in the shop, really nice when you have a cold/influenza), so in my Daily dose of quirkiness I serve you these lovely Teapot lamps :-) Hope you all had a better weekend then mine! 

Photo: _°•● ! ☺°ppomme on Flickr

25 februari 2012

Folk Art & Design

At my new job at the museum Kulturen in Lund I have to get to know all the exhibitions and buildings (30 buildings!) and yesterday I went through the exhibition Folk Art & Design. I thought I should share some photos with you. (The lights are quite dim in some parts of the exhibition, because a strong light would ruin the objects = it effects my photos.)

The exhibition is divided into six parts, and the first one is Weddings! I think this is my favourite part of the whole exhibiton. It starts with wedding photos dated from 1910-2010 with stories about the couples, and moves on to wedding clothes and textiles and other objects from the 19th century. There's so many embroideries and beautiful details.

Wedding photo from 1922

Wedding photo from 1927

Wedding photo from 1939

Wedding photo from 2008

Bridegroom's shirt from 1844, embroidered with the initials of the bride and groome.

A dressed bride. Many layers of skirts was a sign of welth. 

Bridal crowns

Bridal crown and a special embroidered cushion to sit on. The cushions were
used for feasts and maybe on Sundays, and  to keep  them intact they were
kept dark, often in a chest. It took a long time to make them. The women
 weaved and then embroidered them with great care.

Another part of the exhibition tells about the people who made the folk art objects.  Decor painters who wandered from house to house with paint and brushes in a basket on their back, the carpenter in the village, the women who weaved and sewed in the homes for the family or to make a little money.

This clock is made by Elin Roli in Wäckelsång. She was born in 1785 as a farmers
daughter and married a soldier. He was captured in war and kept for seven years,
and meanwhile Elin made money by making clocks and other handi crafts. 

Decor painting

A third part of the exhibition tells about the tradition of marking objects with intials and year. 

Handmade and handpainted chest, wall cupboard and little baskets. 

But in this part there are also some modern things, like a towel embroidered with authentic mobile phone text messages and a cushion for a wedding very much inspired byt the folk culture tradition.

authenic mobile phone text messages turned into embroidery

Wedding cushion embroidered by Therese Svensson Everöd  for her sisters wedding in 2005. 

A fourth part of Folk Art & Design is about modern days DIY, our need to make things. You can see fanzines, posters, embroidery, carved sculptures, knittings and all sorts of things. 

Small DIY decorative wall cupboards

A fifth part of the exhibition shows examples of how new design and handi craft is inspired by old traditions. 

Chandelier by Karin Ferner, inspired by old folk art chandeliers. 

Detail of the chandelier

This is a chair made in the south of Sweden in 1878...

...and this is a modern chair made by Matz Nordell, inspired by old folk culture. The numbers 1,2,3,4 is reminding us about the folk culture tradition of marking chairs with the year they were made. 

The sixht part of Folk Art & Design shows old folk costumes from Scania (the region of Sweden where Lund and Malmö is located, in the very south of Sweden) The traditional feast clothes were made in a very specific way for different parts of Sweden. Scania was from this perspective divided into many different parts. Still today some people use their regional folk costumes at special occasions. Our prinsess Victoria always wears her's on her birthday. 

In this part there are also modern interpretations of the traditional folk costumes. Students from Sätergläntan, a school in Dalarna for traditional folk art handi crafts, came down to Kulturen to get inspiration, and then created there own designs inspired by the Scanian tradition.  Sorry about the very dark photos! 

One of the modern interpretations in the front, traditional folk culture
clothes behind it. There's chains on the traditional top in the back too. 

Modern interpretation of traditional folk culture cape

In my Daily dose of quirkiness I move from Kulturen and the Swedish folk tradition, to a tradition from another part of the world. Maison Martin Margiela turned traditional carpets into boots :-) They are beautiful!

Masion Martin Margiela carpet boots, via That's Not My Age

23 februari 2012

Jylian Gustlin's Sketchbook

When I was around twelve I tried to learn to draw, but then something else stole my attention. When I see Jylian Gustlin's Sketchbook I feel like trying to learn how to draw again...

All images from Jylian Gustlin's Sketchbook

And in my Daily dose of quirkiness, another artwork. Also depicting the human body, but the inside of it - and up-quirked with a flower and a butterfly :-)

Artwork by Rebecca Ladds.
She also has an Etsy-shop, but this artwork was not for sale there when I looked. 

22 februari 2012

Back to white in my creative corner

Photo: Hallie Burton

Unfortunately, the table that I got for my creative corner does not look good in it's present brown wood colour when it's now in it's right place. The floor, oak laminate, is the problem, doesn't look good at all with the table. But since I live in a rental I just have to adjust. That means I'm going to paint the table white. And that means that I'm going back to the original plan for my creative corner = a white base. I wouldn't mind a nice collections of globes on my desk when it's ready :-)

I'm afraid you will have to be patient if you want to see the end results of the projects I'm thinking of. I'm really slow and it's difficult for me to make up my mind about what colours I want and so on (and my strict budget is also a challenge). Anyway, I'm quite patient myself at the moment, and I'm happy about that.

Affirmation banner from Secret Holiday & Co.

When my creative corner is finally ready to use, I might do a DIY to pretty up my new creative space. Mabye a fabric chandelier to hang from the ceiling...

Tutorial at A Beutiful Mess.

...or maybe a new garland. This simple one is made from the morning newspaper.

Peppar & Vanilj

If I'm going to buy more plants for my home, as I want to, maybe I need pots like the one in my Daily dose of quirkiness, to give the plants hope... :-)

In pairs

Just pictures today...

Little Drifters project / Photo: Nika Toroptsova

Model Malgosia photographed by Federica Erra / Michael Eastman - Cuba

Anthropologie's 2011 catalog via Compare Shops / Closet Case Vintage Winter 2011 Lookbook 

photo: Martin Johansson/ photo: Shae Acopian Detar

Feije Riemersma on Flickr / Arterre: Ateliers d'Art, Ceramique et Creation Marrakech

And for my Daily dose of quirkiness, a pair of flower ladies... one real lady with a huge fake flower and one vase-lady to put real flowers in :-)

Ruche Enchantment Lookbook 2012 / Ladyhead vase from Mood Indigo