11 januari 2012

A story?

One of the things I put on my Twelve for 2012 list was to put aside time to write. To start this I put together a little writing exercise for myself: I will write for 30 minutes with these photos as an inspiration. A scene or a little story or a poem, it doesn't matter.  I will NOT publish the outcome :-) it's only an excercise. What do you think about when you see these photos?

Photo: Bhumika Bhatia on Flickr

Photo: Noreen at Beauty of everyday life blog

Photo: Olga Pogorelova on Flickr

Photo: cuentodepaapel on Fotolog

Photo: Digit AL on Flickr

And for my Daily dose of quirkiness: 100 years of style in 100 seconds, created by The Viral Factory for the opening of the Westfield Stratford City in the UK. Very cute and fun and it includes the last decades too, so look and see if you can spot a look that you have worn :-) More details about the video here.

4 kommentarer:

LissenTo sa...

Så intressant att du använder bilderna som inspiration. För precis så blir det ofta när jag ser på bilder. Vissa ord, blir bara rätt. Eller som om en dikt vill skrivas ner...........

Ha en fin vecka. // Lissen

Hanna sa...

Fina och inspirerande bilder. Jag tänker på någon independent film som utspelar sig på amerikanska landsbygden. Kul att du funderar på att skriva, jag tror och vet att det är ett bra sätt att få loss kreativiteten. Lycka till!

noreen sa...

hey maria, thanks for using my photo and linking! it looks so different on your site! how did the exercise go? easily or difficult? did you like your story?

live a lot sa...

Hur gick övningen? Hade varit väldigt kul att läsa:-)