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7 januari 2012

Sodalite Blue and Cookatoo for Spring 2012

My last post was about blue colours and now I found a post about Pantone's Colour trends for Spring 2012 at Creative Living. I looove Sodalite Blue and Cookatoo - spot on for me! I like a wide range of blue colours, from turqouise to dark thunder blue. Blue on the scale from blue to green and blue to grey, but not so much on the blue to red scale. Turqouise has been "my" colour since the 1980's, and it's a colour that suits me well in clothes and accessories.

You will find three posts about Pantone's colour trends for Spring 2012 over at Creative Living, check it out and see what colours you like!

Creative Living

Creative Living

4 kommentarer:

Creative Living + Wabi Sabi Style sa...

Nice post! Allvarligt - du kan låna bilder närhelst det passar. Mina är ju också lånade, (även om det är lite pyssel med collagen). Fortsatt skön kväll. //Lisbeth

Lovisa och Stefan sa...

Vilken fin blogg du har! =)

LissenTo sa...

Mattan på bilden, hur fin som helst. Samma med den rundade byrån med den snygga tavelväggen ovanför!

Ha en fin måndag .............

Heather B. sa...

I love blues, from the turquoise end through the periwinkle-nearly-purple on the other, I love them all. Sodalite and Cockatoo are wonderful too. I especially love the slightly grayed aspect of the cockatoo. Lovely!