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12 januari 2012

On the wall

It's very hard for me to decide what to put on my walls. Because of that I don't have that much right now, but I want to have. So I must decide. I have collected some inspiration :-)

Today I will give you some vintage/thrift store mixes. Collect whatever you like and arrange it in a great mix, or collect from a theme, like flowers or ships or animals... I also posted a couple of great vintage painting collections here. Tomorrow - lots of  more wall decoration ideas! 

homelife via Decor8


Simply Grove

Design Sponge Sneak Peek: Elisabeth Dunker

Photographer Douglas Friedman

Tara on Flickr

And for my Daily dose of quirkiness - fun street art :-)

Street Art Utopia

3 kommentarer:

Shelbby sa...

Love the photo walls!! I have my own in my room but its not as cool as these ones. =p

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Glad you like it :-) If you want more on-the-wall-inspiration you should check out my next post...

noreen sa...

hi maria, love the idea. i need to get stuff on our walls, too. thanks for reminding me!