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13 januari 2012

on the wall part II

One thing that I have seen a lot of on walls lately is old tennis rackets.  In this first photo it's used for hanging earrings. I really like the cute portrait with a painted mustache as well :-) and cute clothes always looks good on walls. I borrowed this pic from a blog that is new to me, but seems to be great: Love made me do it. Take a look at some more of the bloggers home here.

Love made me do it

And here, the rackets are turned into mirrors. Tutorial at Country Living  (Trash-into-Treasure-Crafts).

Country Living

There's a lot of great prints available from small indie businesses out there. Often quite cheap, so you can build a whole wall of prints...


Urban Outfitters

Botanical prints are nice, and this can be done very cheap and easy: buy a flora or two at a thriftstore, tear out  pages and put them up together on the wall.

Sköna hem

You can also use wall stickers or paint on your wall. In the two photos below you see wall stickers from Mikado. Gives inspiration for painting too...

Mikado via Love made me do it


Many of you might be tired of letters on the wall, but when you blow a letter up really, really big, it feels new.

Mega letter vtwonen

This is more advanced, but doable for a lot of people anyway I think: an embroidery owl, but painted, by Eline Pellinkhof. 

These cloud stickers from ModCloth are out of stock, but I think painted clouds would go really well with a cute animal painting as well. 


Sometimes a painting is more beautiful on it's own, especially when it comes to portraits or big scale photo art. 


Painting by Elizabeth Peyton in Sofia Coppola's home,
from Home and Garden Magazine via Design Sponge

Photographer Lori Andrews has taken a photo of her own photo
 on a kitchen wall, via Poppytalk

Design Sponge Sneak Peek: Ivan Hvam Hvam

This is a really calm space, and the single sheep photo looks just right...
from the blogger Eldrids' home

And you can use a frame in an unexpected way...

By Monja Gentschow, via April and May

And for my Daily dose of quirkiness, a creative way to use an old tv. There is even a tutorial for this fish tank. Very quirky :-) 


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