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2 januari 2012

My twelve for 2012

I want to make 2012 a good year, so much better than 2011. When I read Leah's post on her blog Sang the bird about twelve things she will do this year I started thinking about my own goals. As I wrote in my last post, balance is the overall goal for me, and this is how I will try to achieve that:

Noodlesndoodles on Flickr / Björk photographed by Glen Luchford

1. I am going to be myself. I can be inspired by others, but I have to be content with being who I can be. 

Photo by sholgk on Flickr

2. I am going to get my body moving. Dancing, exercising, talking walks, doing yoga - move my butt!

Photo: Smith & Ratliff
Photo: Smith & Ratliff
3. I am going to eat helthier food, and cook even when I'm stressed and tired. And I will collect recepies to inspire me, like this Ravioli with apples and walnuts from the A Daily Dinner series at Smith & Ratliff blog. Mmmmmm, looks good :-) 

Anthropologie via Anthology

4. I will - one step at a time - organize and cosy up my home. 

Photo: Jamie says dream

5. I will spend more time with family and friends. The photo above shows my son when he was 10 and was skating almost every day. That was fun for me too (not to do, to watch!) but it only lasted for 1,5 years. Now he is 15 and I want to come up with ideas of fun things we can do together. I also want to see my friends more often, if only for a quick coffee or a walk togehter. And I would like to see my siblings, who live in other cities, more often than I did last year. 

Everyday people

6. I will create better routines. I guess many of you are bored with routines, because you have to many of them. Well, I have to few, so I need to create some more to save time and effort. It's exhausting to think of what to do next all the time. (Not all the time, but to often.)

fond here (I'm not sure this is made by the blogger but I think so)

7. I will try to be more disciplined and patient, to get what I really want and not only what I want in the moment. Some people need to be more spontanteous, but I am already. 

Gold paper bowl by up in the air somewhere (I want to do a simular bowl) /  DIY hanging plant

8. I will organize a creative space in my livingroom. I want to use my hands and my creativity more than I do. 

Siri Derkert, Mauresque I, 1914. Can bee seen in the
exhibition Change of Scenes at Moderna Museet
in Malmö, Sweden, until 5 February 2012.
9. I will try to go to art galleries, exhibitions, theatres and other cultural events more often. It gives me so much inspiration!

One of my favourite Swedish novels:
Kungens komediant  by  Agneta Pleijel
10. I will keep on reading, and read even more. I love Swedish novels, I will give you some tips some day. Some of them are also translated into English...  I read other novels too of course, and other books. 

Constructional Architecture from Iceland by photographer Rasmus Norlander

11. I will set aside time to write. I want to write a book eventually. 

Iris Palmer and her suitcases, photograph by Tim Walker
published in the book Tim Walker Pictures

12. I will try to travel, at least go away on a weekend abroad. (And I will continue with my Daily dose of quirkiness, where I think Iris Palmer and her suitcases belong :-)  )

8 kommentarer:

Heather B. sa...

This is a great list! I like #1, I like who you are! You should definitely stay that way! #'s 2 + 3 are always on my list, I need to pay more attention to those... Actually a large part of your list could (should) be my list too! May you accomplish your list in 2012!

LissenTo sa...

Gillar din lista och den kunde ha varit min. Då sätter vi igång och försöker att förverkliga den skata men säkert.

// Lissen

leah of sang the bird sa...

Love your list! Dancing is awesome for lifting your spirit. I want to dance more too. Happy new year honey xxx

Kate sa...

Great ! All the luck and momentum to you of the fresh new year ! Happy 2012, may it be filled with you :)


Gulcin of Olric sa...

What a wonderful list!This gave me inspiration to make one for my new year plans.And the quote of no:7 is really encouraging!Happy new year and i hope you can achieve what you want this year.

tammie sa...

great list! dancing is so good for the soul (and body!)


Thanks to all of you for encouraging words! I think it's good to put my goals at my blog, instead of on a paper that might disappear among all of my other papers. (Organizing papers is one of the things for no 4 on my list...(

LissenTo sa...

Har läst din lista igen och många av dina föresatser delar jag.

En jättefin lista