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28 januari 2012

Must buy a zebra

I went out for the first time in days today, after having an allergic reaction to a medicine a few days ago. It was so nice to get out, fresh, clear air and just at the freezing point. I finally bought a frame for my Henning Trollbäck Bear illustration, and a new alarm clock for my teenage son (he needs it!)

Today (Saturday) I think I will look around at thrift stores. I hope to find a cheap lovely couch, but I don't really think I will find one... but scanning through thrift stores without any stress is what I consider fun and relaxing, and I think I will find some little fun thing. AND I want to buy a zebra!

Zebra III, photography by Nicolas Evariste

Photo: Scotch Macaskill. Zebra in Lower Zambezi National Park, Zambia

Gap Interiors, photo: Costas Picadas, found via Creative Living

Teacup model "AU" from Gefle Porslinsfabrik,
pattern "Zebra" by Eugen Trost, made 1956-1962

"Laughing Zebra" photo by August Jennewein

No, I don't want to buy a real zebra, or a photo or a rug with zebra pattern or even a teacup (well I would like the teacup, but I'm not going to buy it today) I'm just going to buy a little toy zebra...

Mr Jason Grant Blog

...to play around with, like in Jason Grant's anmimation above. :-) I really want one on my desk (and I need to put my new table where it should be, and organize things around it a bit!)

In my Daily dose of quirkiness I return to Charlotte Cory, who's montage art work I showed you yesterday. This time a lovely zebra lady - of course :-)

Charlotte Cory
via Creative Living

3 kommentarer:

Mel sa...

Cool! I love zebras! It's always amazing to see what patterns nature creates - whoever came up with the zebra-pattern is genius ;-)

leah of sang the bird sa...

maria, those blue couches are so divine! love that shade of blue/teal/peacock?
the zebra animation is cute!
happy op shopping! x

LissenTo sa...

Åh vilka fina bilder och den översta så tilltalande. Grafiskt cool.

Den lilla filmen får mej att le och vakna till, ska strax på jobbet. Är förskolärare på en dygnet runt föskola, brukar aldrig nämna det på bloggen.

Det är en fotograf som har fotat liknande bilder av människor med djurhuvud här i Sundsvall, Lönnå heter han nog om jag minns rätt.

Mmm, vill gosa och lukta på lillkillen.