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21 januari 2012

Longing for nature's green

I posted green inspiration here earlier in January, and here we go again with this lovely colour! I'm longing for plants in my home, maybe you will notice...

Photo: Dream Beam on Flickr

Jean Paul Gaultier Haute Couture 2010

Deep Valley of the Mills, Sorrento, Italy. Abandoned in 1866.

Begoinia leaf. Photo: Dan Taylor on Flickr

Photo: honeypoo on Flickr

Photo: Terrain via Poppytalk

Styling Amy Merrick, Photo Bryan Gardner

Train tunnel in Ukrain photographed by Oleg Gordienko.
Found at My Modern Met via Honestly WTF

And for my Daily dose of quirkiness: embroidered car parts by Lithuanian textile artist Severija Incirauskaite-Kriauneviciene. Beautiful and quirky :-)

Found via Harriet Goodall

7 kommentarer:

leah of sang the bird sa...

the Jean Paul Gaultier creation is stunning! i can imagine that green would be welcomed during the winter months, and do great things for your home!

Patricia Villamil sa...

have you decided which plants to put in your home? Love all those images, the bedroom is stunning, perfect for a mountain or nature retreat home, and that view of train tunnel is unbelievable, i love begonias, they are so cleancut and sophisticated while adding warmth and texture to any environment


I bought a fern the other day, and I'm looking for air plants to put in hanging glass... things. I have bought two round glass-things but I haven't found the air plants yet.

I would like to buy I really big plant, but I don't know how to get it home. I don't have a car.

Glad you like the images :-)

Kate sa...

Lovely pictures ! I've been seeing lots of photos of these little terrariums and I am dying to make some :) Hope you have a nice weekend !


Anairam sa...

I love the inspiring photos you select to put on your blog - the green ones make me want to get out of my house and into nature, and the Get Organized post really resonated with me. My home is fairly neat & organized, but ALL the available storage space is used up now - so I can't collect more stuff. I obviously have to get rid of some of the things I am hanging on to, but oh, that is OS difficult. And Max Zorn - WOW!! Thanks for introducing him to me!

LissenTo sa...

Så mycket vackert grönt och all skön inspiration. Som den sista bildörren som fick mej att le.

noreen sa...

hello maria,
we are also longing for green, but making our own warm weather - inside. wishing for some snow, too, so we can go outside and make a snowman. the pictures are beautiful! joy and blessings, noreen