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9 januari 2012

The island and indigenous art - Lucas Grogan

Artworks by Lucas Grogan

My current love for blue led me to an interesting artist in Australia - Lucas Grogan. He is inspired by indigenous art and has been both praised and criticised for - as a white austrailian - appropriating Aboriginal techniques, traditionally reserved only for those descended from the tribes from which they originate. Lucas Grogan is also interested in for example islamic patterns. 
"I’ve always been interested in the ‘other’ and pushing the limits of what is socially acceptable. Maitland and Newcastle were pretty ‘white’ places, so as a point of difference, I was always researching different cultures and different places. I was interested by the demarcations, prejudices and collisions between competing and/or colliding cultures, and knew I wanted to create work about these problems." (Lucas Grogan in an interview at The Design Files, read the full interview here.)

Artwork by Lucas Grogan

Artwork by Lucas Grogan 

In this video you can see Lucas Grogan at work, when he was painting a wall in Melbourne comissioned by Citylights Projects for Movida. In "You look terrific babe!" (2011) he combines references to Moorish pattern making with both inviting and provocative texts.

One of Lucas Grogan's themes is "the island", that he thinks of as both a paradise and a prison. His theme references the John Donne quote “no man is an island entire of itself”.

Interesting, especially in our time of internet, comfortable and quick travel possibilities and urban multicultural enviroments. Should we protect and preserve our unique cultures, or should we share and mix? If we should preserve some parts of a culture, what parts? Who should decide? And are there any unique cultures, or can we always link back to a source of inspiration? Who is entitled to embrace a culture? That's is part of what I am thinking of when I read about Lucas Grogan and look at his art. But also more personal thoughts about my privacy and what I want to share with friends, family, a partner, acquaintances, the blog community, colleagues, a therapist, neighbours...

Lucas Grogan, from the series Lullaby Island

More about Lucas Grogan: 

I found Lucas Grogan via The Jelaous Curator

From Lucas Grogans street art inspired by Moorish patterns, to 3D Street Art that fools the eye in my Daily dose of quirkiness: 

Via Street Art Utopia

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Creative Living + Wabi Sabi Style sa...

Wow! Såg just filmen. Imponerad. Har inga omedelbara svar på dina frågor/funderingar, annat än att kulturyttringar (sådana vi hittat/ser) verkar i sina mest basala former delas av många kulturer, oavsett kontinent. Slutar aldrig förvånas över det. Sitter design i generna? ;-) Hur som helst tror jag det är befängt att tala om "kulturstöld"... Tycker jag. Och så gillar jag personligt - inte privat.....

Kaylovesvintage sa...

I love street art,the blue looks wonderful

Hvite tulipaner sa...

Interessant og ikke minst veldig interessante problemstillinger du kommer med der. Slikt liker jeg også å fundere på.
Mye fine blåe ting du viser i innleggene under forresten, blått er så fint!
Fin uke til deg!
Klem E

LissenTo sa...

Intressant vad kan man göra till egen konst. Finns det konst som ska skyddas för sin särart?
(Tänker på Samekonst t.ex som finns i vårt land)

Egentligen kopieras väl allt. Men man kan nog inte göra det fullt ut.

En fråga som är svår att svara på.

Ha en bra tisdag. Här har det börjat snöa för fullt.
// Kram Lissen