29 januari 2012

Icy White

There's finally some winter feeling in Malmö where I live. The temperature has been below zero for a few days, right now I think it's -3 degrees Celsius. No snow, but at least some ice. I collected some icy white beuties for you :-)

Kirsty Mitchell made her dream of a spectacular photo project come true - and she made all of the costumes herself! You can see more of "Wonderland" and other Kirsty Mitchell photographs on her website.

Wonderland "The White Queen" by Kirsty Mitchell

Wonderland "The Queen's Armada" by Kirsty Mitchell

Vee Speers 

Photo: Lori Dunn


Barbra Streisand in clothes designed by Cecil Beaton for the movie
"On a Clear Day You Can See Forever". Photo Cecil Beaton. 
Chris Nicholls photographs Hyoni Kang for Flare, Dec. 2011.
Found via Modette.se 

Photo: Jacob Watson on Flickr

And in my Daily dose of quirkiness, something that might just look like and editorial photo...and it is...but look what she's got on her head :-)

Photo: Tomaas, details about the editorial here

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