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19 januari 2012

Go and organize!

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I reeeeaaallllly need to organize my home! I'm not chasing perfection, in fact, I want my apartment to look lived in. But. It's been a mess for some time now, and it's hard to find things and it's hard to know where to put things. And I can't do what I want in my home when it's in this state.

I have read a lot of tips about this process and I have looked at lots of inspiring pictures. I even started this blog to get motivated to DO things. The problem is that I haven't yet DONE much. I need to DO and not just gather inspiration. It's just hard when you have allowed it to get really messy, because it's hard to know where to start. I get overwhelmed.

Well, I just have to keep trying, and today I share some tips and some inspiration. There might be someone else that needs to get going with decluttering and organizing...?

Illustration by Ann Shen

Pretty, fun and organized closet, A Beautiful Mess Blogg 
This is just a glimpse of this girls huge closet room though...

I love vintage cups and there's a lot of them in thrift stores. Why not use some
for organizing jewelry in a drawer? Image from Martha Stewart.

At Apartment Theraphy I found 5 Simple & Smart "Get Started" Tips for Home Projects:

1. Focus on one room or project at a time.
2. Discover what you have.
3. Think function first.
4. Shop prepared.
5. Evaluate each addition along the way.       Read the whole article here

I think it's sensable tips, and I think I will try to go back to this article every now and then to remind myself. Except, as my first step I think I need to do a quickstart in all of the rooms, and then focus on one roome at a time.

Different doorknobs or drawer pulls on the wall combines decor with storage.
This and more ideas for creative home organization at Home Made Simple.

I don't want a strict look, I just want to know where to find things and where to put it when I clean up. "Collections can be art not clutter when well arranged" as they say in the article How To Declutter Your Home at Apartment Therapy. 

Apartment Therapy

That's it for today, but I will surley do more posts about my organizing struggles...

Today, for the first time this winter, it snowed in Malmö where I live. The snow melted on the ground, but it looked beatutiful coming down. Therefore I give you a Lego Star Wars snowball-fight in my Daily dose of quirkiness. Lots of more Lego scenes in Ken Gillies' Flickr photostream

Ken Gillies' Flickr photostream

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Mel sa...

Hello! I found this to be very helpful: http://www.mysimplerlife.com/2012.htm Moving into our new apartment I was lucky to start from scratch and only allow in what we really need and what we had a place for. But I understand your frustration; once it is cluttered it is so hard to let go of things and organize... I do have a 5 bedroom house as well, plus a husband that loves to shop and 2 kids that hate to clean... nice inspiration, although some still have enough stuff for my taste ;-)

p.s.: ceramics here in the states is an art form, just like painting, or sculpture. in europe it is much more an industrial approach, whereas here you find it under fine art ;-)

leah of sang the bird sa...

i am in the same position! i am waiting for school to go back and i'm going to start decluttering and organising! thanks for the inspiration! xxx

Creative Living + Wabi Sabi Style sa...

Jag är lite i samma situation som du efter min senaste flytt. Nu är det rensa som gäller. Jag har en annan metod är ApT: Fota grejer som har affektionsvärde men du inte vill ha/behöver> ge sedan bort/sälj/släng.
Ha fem säckar att sortera i: 1. ge bort, 2. sälja, 3. slänga, 4. spara och laga, 5. spara och förvara (tills vidare). Kan det va nåt?

Patricia Villamil sa...

Maria, I pinned almost every image here, they are simply gorgeous, exactly my taste!

kate sa...

I love looking at these photos for some organization inspiration - http://thingsorganizedneatly.tumblr.com/