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28 januari 2012

Don't forget to give credit!


There's a lot of blogs I would like a lot better if they always gave proper credit when they reblogg photos or illustrations.  And there are a lot of blogs I don't even look at, because they are just full of  photos without ANY credit.

And if you write Pinterest or Tumblr as a source...well, you could as well write internet or nothing at all. How can that help me to know anything about the source???

Please bloggers, try to give respect = try to make an effort and give credit and link in a way that will make the readers able to see who the photographer or stylist or illustrator is, or at least where it was originally published. If you were that photographer/illustrator/stylist/blogger that you reblogg a picture from, I think you would want to get credit... Read more about why you should "Link with love" here.

What do YOU think about giving credit and linking?

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Gulcin of Olric sa...

I totally agree with you. Pinterest or tumblr is not a source and I also always try to find the main source even i found it on another blog or somewherelse...
and i always like to see whose illustration/design or photograph is this and i always see that you're trying to give the perfect source.
Thank you very much!
p.s.Good luck about the job you're waiting for.Hope to see good news soon!

Patricia Villamil sa...

Sometimes I'm guilty of that, but from now on I will be more accurate and link with love! Have a nice weekend, Maria!

truebluemeandyou sa...

On my Tumblr blog I have a "page" dedicated to a very short article titled: "Dear Bloggers: Tumblr and Pinterest are NOT Sources". If mainstream bloggers don't credit their sources, or use Pinterest, weheartit or Tumblr as sources, then they are kind of giving permission for their own work to be ripped off. If I can't find the original source, I usually won't post it either. That's why I heart your blog :)

Creative Living + Wabi Sabi Style sa...

I write Pinterest and Tumblr as a protest! I have in vane followed an image back from page to page, just to en up with nothing. So I've decided NOT to credit any of the 10 or so tumblers/pinners who repost without any source.
Pinterest is actually a better place. At least the original website/blog doesn't get lost when repinning, unless it's a tumblr page.... As soon a pic passes tumblr, the source is lost. Not always, but most of the time...
I made my first webpage 1996, and soon found that my images and texts were nicked. First I was upset, then I realized it was hopeless war to fight. My philosophy is now: if you post ANYTHING on the internet, then consider it up for grabs. A photograph, an idea, a written text of any kind. Instead - be "flattered" people like you work.... :-/
So - I write Pinterest and Tumblr as a source, when the REAL source is unknown. When I later come across the name of the designer, artist or photograph, I go back to the blogged pic and add the source.

I guess we could all help each other by giving the source whenever we have it, and add it as a comment. Some blogging friends have helped me that way, and I've done the same to others. BUT I suspect many doesn't like that kind of help, rather see you as a busy body.... Oh well.
Have a good Sunday evening. //L


I think the problem is that the Tumblr blogger probably doesn't care, as it's not their own material. It's the original source who doesn't get the credit they deserve. I don't want to give up on this, and I think it COULD get better. Like Spotify makes people download less illegaly, I think the awareness of giving credit could either be built in to the system or be a part of peoples education.