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22 januari 2012

DIY cake stand and washi tape antlers

I enjoy making cake stands out of china from thriftstores and I have made several, both for myself and as presents. But I have always just had a foot (porcelain candelstick or something else that fits) and a singel plate. Now I'm making one with three plates and a figurine on the top :-) It's not glued yet in the pictures, but I will do that this evening, after cleaning the china carefully.  .

I don't know yet if I'm going to use it for cakes or for jewelry...or something else. It's kitsch I guess, but I think that's fun. Have you made any cake stands?

I also borrowed an idea from Stylizimo blog - to make washi tape antlers. I just looked at her photo and started taping. It took less than 10 minutes. 

This is what the antlers look like on Stylizimo blog...

Stylizimo blog

And this is what my antlers look like on my wall... can you see the similarity? Ha ha, my deer is a bit more long-faced...

I wanted it to peek under the clock a little bit, but I miscalculated and now a little too much of the antlers are hidden... Sorry about the crappy photos. I must take some time to learn to take better photographs. And try to use the daylight instead of shooting in the evening... :-)

Anyway, know that the deer is there I guess I will let it stay a little while. Did you do any DIY or home projects during the weekend?

In my Daily dose of quirkiness the deer theme goes on. This is a poirtrait of tattoo artist Liam Sparkes by photographer Emily Hope. I love it!

Photo: Emily Hope

4 kommentarer:

LissenTo sa...

Godmorgon, det är mycket roligt man kan göra med tejp, såg du att Panduro säljer nu också. Lite billigare än många webshoppar.

Översta texten perfekt. Visst är det bättre att försöka, behöver inte bli perfekt :-).

Tack goa du för dina ord, blev glad av dom. Du har rätt om föreställningar man har om sig själv. Varför plockar man fram sina svagheter. Mest när man är trött.

Också frustrerande när man inte har "rätt" verktyg. I det här fallet en gammal Power point version, som inte stämde med kursen.

Ska sitta hos vän, när jag gör sista uppgiften som har den rätta versionen.

Ditt jobb lät spännande, men också krävande

Kram Lissen

Mel sa...

Yes, I have made cake stands before and I love making them. You can see more of my portfolio here http://www.flickr.com/photos/melaniesherman/sets/72157628051215836/ and are more than welcome to share these images. This is all my work, from 2008 until 2011. I am starting new work soon - school is beginning tomorrow and I can't wait!

Good idea with the plates + spacers! Great inspiration for a jewelry holder - I need one!!

Patricia Villamil sa...

love the DIY cake stand, what a great idea, Maria!

leah of sang the bird sa...

oh! i love your cake/jewelery stand! do you mind if i copy your idea.
we are flooded in at the moment. it has been raining solidly for 3 days... kids going a bit stir crazy... xxx