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7 januari 2012

Blue is on my mind

I have been thinking about blue for quite a while, but right now I'm really, really into it! And there is so many shades of blue! I think I will take out/make (and mabye buy) a lot of blue things in my home this year, and I have already started to wear more blue. I'm sure there will be more blue posts too :-)

Handmade paper by Mary Hark
Hark! Handmade Paper Studio

Living Agency

Robertson #2 by Guy Maestri, oil and enamel on canvas

Photo: Mich Kimball on Flickr

Japanese "Boro" = patchwork of recycled indigo hemp or cotton  fabric.
This peace is more than 100 years old. Image found on  Orime blog,
where you can also read about this peace. More about Boros here. 

I think this is from Japan too. Photo: Chris Court

Photo: Chris Court

Steller's Jay, photo: Walter Amman, via The Birder's Report

Photo: Ditte Isager, Day Birger Mikkelsen AW2010

From Sweet Paul Magazine issue 2, Fall 2010

Styled by Mary Norden and shot by Polly Wreford on location in Greece for Red
via Bright Bazaar

Photos Marie Tailleferm styling Sergio Machado

Styling Gozde Ekner, photo: Emre Dorter

Print by Laurie May Coyle 

Painting by Lecia Dole-Recio

The fish in my Daily dose of quirkiness swims around in the blue waters surrounding Australia: a Napoleon Wrasse (Cheilinus undulatus). This photo was exhibited at National Museum of Natural History, Washington, D.C. November 2008 - May 2009. 

Photo: Gary Brennand

5 kommentarer:

noreen sa...

i love it, maria. especially the beautiful bird. blue comes in such a wide and varied range - it can suit every mood. hope the sky is blue today and you have a relaxing weekend!

Diário da Joaquina sa...

Your beautiful post today. I put blue im my blog too. I wait. kisses

Mel sa...

blue is one of my favorites as well. right now i am really into turquoise, although i cannot really say if it suits me very well. i like dark colors in clothes - with black being the easiest (and best!).

Mel sa...

I'm thinking black clothes, with turquoise earrings and a big turquoise ring... that would suit me, but I think just turquoise is too light for me. Plus the red hair... too much going on :) but the black would tone all of that down.

yes, I am packing, after my going away party last night I am back at filling a few boxes. Bathroom, desk, books, plus all the champagne and beer my friends brought last night :D

i have lost 30 lbs once... it gets so much easier once you start loosing ;-) Starting is hard, but sticking with it is much easier. I did Weight Watchers. Good luck with that! If you need support, let me know :)

Patricia Villamil sa...

Blue is always on my mind, I can't wait for Spring already! Fabulous pictures Maria, I can't stop looking at them.