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4 januari 2012

Aki Kaurismäki makes me happy

I saw Aki Kaurismäki's film Le Havre yesterday, and I just loooooved it! The characters, the light, the colours, the warmth... In a cinema near you? See it!

In my Daily dose of quirkiness, another story that makes me happy: Sacha Goldberger's story about Mamika, that I found via the blog Honestly WTF:  

"When French photographer Sacha Goldberger realized his 91 year old Hungarian grandmother Frederika was lonely and might be suffering from depression, he proposed an unusual course of therapy: a superhero photoshoot."
Mamika - photo book by Sacha Goldberger

2 kommentarer:

LissenTo sa...

Det är inte ofta jag går på bio, den här filmen hoppas jag kommer till min stad. En sådan som man minns länge................

Har fortfarande inte fått upp lyktan, velar :-)

Patricia Villamil sa...

hahaha loved it!