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30 januari 2012

Taking a break

I'm taking a break from the blogworld for a couple of weeks. I got things to take care of that needs my full attention. See you when I come back!

Photo: nikaa on Flickr 

Photo: artsyevie on Flickr

"Sending our memories off by candlelight" by David Talley on Flickr

29 januari 2012

Icy White

There's finally some winter feeling in Malmö where I live. The temperature has been below zero for a few days, right now I think it's -3 degrees Celsius. No snow, but at least some ice. I collected some icy white beuties for you :-)

Kirsty Mitchell made her dream of a spectacular photo project come true - and she made all of the costumes herself! You can see more of "Wonderland" and other Kirsty Mitchell photographs on her website.

Wonderland "The White Queen" by Kirsty Mitchell

Wonderland "The Queen's Armada" by Kirsty Mitchell

Vee Speers 

Photo: Lori Dunn


Barbra Streisand in clothes designed by Cecil Beaton for the movie
"On a Clear Day You Can See Forever". Photo Cecil Beaton. 
Chris Nicholls photographs Hyoni Kang for Flare, Dec. 2011.
Found via Modette.se 

Photo: Jacob Watson on Flickr

And in my Daily dose of quirkiness, something that might just look like and editorial photo...and it is...but look what she's got on her head :-)

Photo: Tomaas, details about the editorial here

28 januari 2012

Don't forget to give credit!


There's a lot of blogs I would like a lot better if they always gave proper credit when they reblogg photos or illustrations.  And there are a lot of blogs I don't even look at, because they are just full of  photos without ANY credit.

And if you write Pinterest or Tumblr as a source...well, you could as well write internet or nothing at all. How can that help me to know anything about the source???

Please bloggers, try to give respect = try to make an effort and give credit and link in a way that will make the readers able to see who the photographer or stylist or illustrator is, or at least where it was originally published. If you were that photographer/illustrator/stylist/blogger that you reblogg a picture from, I think you would want to get credit... Read more about why you should "Link with love" here.

What do YOU think about giving credit and linking?

Must buy a zebra

I went out for the first time in days today, after having an allergic reaction to a medicine a few days ago. It was so nice to get out, fresh, clear air and just at the freezing point. I finally bought a frame for my Henning Trollbäck Bear illustration, and a new alarm clock for my teenage son (he needs it!)

Today (Saturday) I think I will look around at thrift stores. I hope to find a cheap lovely couch, but I don't really think I will find one... but scanning through thrift stores without any stress is what I consider fun and relaxing, and I think I will find some little fun thing. AND I want to buy a zebra!

Zebra III, photography by Nicolas Evariste

Photo: Scotch Macaskill. Zebra in Lower Zambezi National Park, Zambia

Gap Interiors, photo: Costas Picadas, found via Creative Living

Teacup model "AU" from Gefle Porslinsfabrik,
pattern "Zebra" by Eugen Trost, made 1956-1962

"Laughing Zebra" photo by August Jennewein

No, I don't want to buy a real zebra, or a photo or a rug with zebra pattern or even a teacup (well I would like the teacup, but I'm not going to buy it today) I'm just going to buy a little toy zebra...

Mr Jason Grant Blog

...to play around with, like in Jason Grant's anmimation above. :-) I really want one on my desk (and I need to put my new table where it should be, and organize things around it a bit!)

In my Daily dose of quirkiness I return to Charlotte Cory, who's montage art work I showed you yesterday. This time a lovely zebra lady - of course :-)

Charlotte Cory
via Creative Living

25 januari 2012


I saw this feather mobile (in the photo below) at Pernilla's blog at Plaza interiör today, and then I just had to look at more feahters, from my own Pinterest boards and others. Hope you find something you like :-)

Feather mobile by Cori Kindred, via Poppytalk, found by me via Plaza interiör 
Easy DIY, I want to make one! Just have to find a twig...

Bluejay Arrow Necklace from Digby & Iona

Annie Lennox by Satoshi Saikusa, 1991, via Victoria and Albert Museum.

Photo from model Smita Lasrado's portfolio.

Feather", photography sold on Etsy by GraninnePhotography

Northern Hawk Owl photographed by Alfred Forns, originally in colour

Image from the film Kes (1969) by Ken Loach.
The boy was played by David Bradley.

Jennifer Worts Design
Dogeared jewels & gifts

Feather hair extensions from Boho Feathers
Barn Owl Mask from Savagedryad on Etsy

Paintings on feathers by Featherlady Studio/Julie Thompson

We dress ourselves and our home in feathers and in my Daily dose of quirkiness this bird dresses up in clothes :-)

Montage by Charlotte Cory

24 januari 2012

Styling and cleaning inspiration

I feel awkward again. Slow, not keen on anything really, tired. But I found some inspiration on the web that made me want to share with you. 

First up, finnish stylist Jenni Juurinen. She made me pinn like crazy this morning, when I was looking through her website.

Stylist Jenni Juurinen, photographer Kristiina Kurronen

Stylist Jenni Juurinen, photographer Kristiina Kurronen

Stylist Jenni Juurinen, photographer Kristiina Kurronen

Stylist Jenni Juurinen, photographer Jorma Marstio

Stylist Jenni Juurinen, photographer Jorma Marstio

Stylist Jenni Juurinen, photographer Pekka Holmström

Stylist Jenni Juurinen, photographer Pekka Holmström

Stylist Jenni Juurinen, photographer Mirva Kakko

All photos found on Jenni Juurinen's website, where you can find even more loveliness :-)

The second thing that inspired me was Conversation Pieces last blogpost about a spring cleaning. I try to get around to start some serious spring cleaning and organizing and decluttering and this post inspired me a little bit.

Photo: Zoë/Conversation Pieces

Today I will clean my fridge, and here I found a tip about using either freshly ground coffee or used grounds to deodorize your fridge. I will try it :-) This is a part of a collection of tips on Apartment Therapy: "How to Green Clean, Declutter & Refresh Your Entire Home". Stop buying expensive and environmental evil cleaning products and use the articles "husmorstips" (as we say in Swedish) instead.  

For my Daily dose of quirkiness, something to illustrate my posture today... Hope I will straighten up and cheer up during the day :-)

From the french photographer Marc Da Cunha Lopes' Vertebrata series, found via Lost at E Minor

23 januari 2012

Best of Louis Armstrong

Louis Armstrong, World-Telegram staff photographer via Wikiepedia

I've been listening a lot to "Best of Louis Armstrong" lately. Lovely! You can listen to it on Spotify here.

I hope you will all have a good start to the week today! My Daily dose of quirkiness is ment to remind you to relaxe a little and have fun. As someone who pinned this photo on Pinterest wrote: "You can choose to live your life with the joy of the front row or solemness of the third row. The choice is yours. // what a HUGE contrast."

Photo: Grace Robertson

22 januari 2012

DIY cake stand and washi tape antlers

I enjoy making cake stands out of china from thriftstores and I have made several, both for myself and as presents. But I have always just had a foot (porcelain candelstick or something else that fits) and a singel plate. Now I'm making one with three plates and a figurine on the top :-) It's not glued yet in the pictures, but I will do that this evening, after cleaning the china carefully.  .

I don't know yet if I'm going to use it for cakes or for jewelry...or something else. It's kitsch I guess, but I think that's fun. Have you made any cake stands?

I also borrowed an idea from Stylizimo blog - to make washi tape antlers. I just looked at her photo and started taping. It took less than 10 minutes. 

This is what the antlers look like on Stylizimo blog...

Stylizimo blog

And this is what my antlers look like on my wall... can you see the similarity? Ha ha, my deer is a bit more long-faced...

I wanted it to peek under the clock a little bit, but I miscalculated and now a little too much of the antlers are hidden... Sorry about the crappy photos. I must take some time to learn to take better photographs. And try to use the daylight instead of shooting in the evening... :-)

Anyway, know that the deer is there I guess I will let it stay a little while. Did you do any DIY or home projects during the weekend?

In my Daily dose of quirkiness the deer theme goes on. This is a poirtrait of tattoo artist Liam Sparkes by photographer Emily Hope. I love it!

Photo: Emily Hope