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7 december 2011

Your room as a landscape

By following a link in a blogpost at Bloesem I found an interesting Dutch article about a trend they call "Tender Texile". First, look at this interesting colour combination with a natural base, warm orange red and golden yellow and additions of natural elements:

It's a bit hard (and funny) to read an article in Dutch using Google Translate... :-) But I can at least make out that they say that we long for texture, flexibility and warmth, and a combination of a lot of different textiles give us that. 

Look at  your room as a landscape that has formed itself spontaniously, with "islands" of furniture and textiles. Carpets are an important part of this landscape,  and if they are overlapping - even better. Add natural elements such as stones, plants (preferably cacti) and wood. Use many different textures of textile. In this mix the carpet is the center of attention with it's colourfull pattern, and the rest of the textile and the walls are without pattern or with a discreete pattern. Read the whole article here

( I really liked the orange red when I found this article and started writing this post, but righ at this moment it just reminds me of blood...I'll see what I think next time I look at these photos...) 

All the photos above are styled by Monique van der Reijden, with assistence from Joyce Haas & Menno Gijsbers van Wijk, and photographed by Paul Bakker. Published in this article. 

For my Daily dose of quirkiness, an unusual carpet... :-)


3 kommentarer:

leah of sang the bird sa...

wow, that living room is so inviting! i love the idea of seeing our interiors as landscapes! ...and you made me smile... the double yolker rug is all sorts of quirky goodness. x

Mackapär Ulrika sa...

Tycker den funkar som färg på detaljer, dock inte på väggen - på tal om blod-färgen, läste din kommentar hos Dessi :)

Dessi at [Home and desire] sa...

Jag tycker inte den påminner om blod... Men jag håller med Ulrika, den var inte snygg på väggen. Men detaljer - ja tack! :)